90 Day Fiance: Avery Mills dishes on her new job as a medical assistant

Avery and Omar celebrate her new job. Pic: o.m.a.ver.y

It’s not often the 90 Day Fiance franchise turns out happy endings, but Avery (of Avery and Omar) has a new job as a medical assistant to go along with her new married life in the US and they are officially a success story.

Avery Mills appeared on Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days with her fiance, Omar Albakkour and they quickly became the team to root for. Although they didn’t have a lot of interpersonal drama, they were among the most compelling of the season because you could tell how genuinely in love they were with each other.

Avery Mills is ‘grateful’ for her new job

Now that it’s all said and done and they are officially married, Avery has a new job as a medical assistant and is working her way toward a bachelor’s degree. If anyone deserves to have it all work out, it’s these two, and it’s so nice to see her so happy and enjoying her life.

The Instagram account for the podcast The Melanated Way posted a screengrab from Avery’s social media on which she was offering gratitude for her new job and her upcoming degree. The caption confirms the new job is medical assisting, saying, “She is currently working as a medical assistant while working on her Bachelors in Healthcare Management!”

Avery’s on-screen caption expresses further gratitude to the great doctors she will be working for and hints that she may have her degree as early as next year. The second slide is a fuller body shot of Avery in her scrubs, stethoscope, and hijab, looking flawless as always.

Avery and Omar had a complicated journey

Avery and Omar’s journey may not have been chock full of all sorts of messy fights and loud scenes like others from the franchise, but theirs was still fraught with a lot of uncertainty. The couple had to contend with civil unrest in Syria, and moved to the UAE for their own safety.

Omar’s Visa was approved in 2020 but it was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic but was finally approved in February of 2021. Although the couple lived together in Dubai, they still had their sites set on coming to the US together and earlier this year, they did just that. They posted pictures to Instagram of a visit to Washington D.C. just a few weeks ago, so it seems they will get their happy ending in America after all.

Sadly, Avery and Omar won’t be returning to the 90 Day Franchise. Last December, she told a fan in the comments of a picture of them, “No, we won’t be on TV anymore.”

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.

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