Before the 90 Days stars Omar and Avery reveal whether their American visa was approved

Omar and Avery from Before the 90 Days
Omar and Avery revealed the outcome of their final visa interview. Pic credit: TLC

Avery and Omar released a YouTube video detailing the day Omar had his American visa interview. The video showed the pair before he left, how Avery was feeling while he was gone, and finally, what the outcome was.

The fan favorite couple have been living happily together in Dubai and celebrated two years of marriage in February.

The excitement was tangible as Omar came through the door in the video and announced that his visa was approved.

A flood of support for the couple was evident all over YouTube and Instagram, as supporters know how much this means for the two of them.

The YouTube video built anticipation for fans

Their video explained that Omar was going for his final visa interview in Abu Dhabi to hopefully be granted his spousal visa for America.

It showed his nervousness before he left, Avery’s stress and anxiety while he was at the interview, and then their visceral reaction to the good news of approval.

Avery made it clear that an approval would mean the world to them and expand their prospects for the future. While they have been getting along great in Dubai, they both share the dream of living their lives in America.

During the video, Avery said that she is most excited to see her family and her cat, Gatsby. Omar has not seen his family in a long time either and will finally be able to now that they have the approval.

As Omar arrived back at their place to reveal the outcome, Avery and her friend were waiting at the door with American flags ready to wave. He immediately said he was approved when she opened the door.

Avery and Omar fan comments from Instagram
Omar and Avery received a wealth of support from fans. Pic credit: @o.m.a.ver.y/Instagram

What is next for the young couple?

On Instagram, the pair disclosed that they will be doing a Q & A soon as a follow up to the good news.

Avery has been working on her studies and learning Arabic and will continue that in the U.S. Omar is close to getting his own degree in periodontal surgery, and he will have a lot of opportunities to grow in his field in the US.

They confirmed earlier this year that they will not be returning to 90 Day Fiancé in any capacity, so they are not under contract to do anything.

With the visa approval and the world at their feet, Omar and Avery can finally move on to the next chapter of their lives with all their family, friends, and supporters rooting for them.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus

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