90 Day Fiance Anthem: Keep an eye on cameos from stars of the TLC hit in this hilarious video

Gabe Peyton 90 Day Fiance Anthem Pic Credit: @dcbygabe
Gabe Peyton crafts a 90 Day anthem to honor his favorite show. Pic credit: Gabe Peyton AKA 40AF/YouTube

90 Day Fiance fans are in for the treat of their lives with this fun tribute video highlighting all the best things about the best international dating show of all time.

Anthem-writer and die-hard fan, Gabe Peyton, AKA 40AF, just wrote the ultimate summer banger, showcasing some of the franchise’s favorite personalities, and it is going to live in your head forever.

Gabe Peyton is obviously a huge fan of the 90 Day universe, so naturally, he took to YouTube to film a video for this 90 Day Anthem.

YouTube video player

Yes, it’s wildly catchy, but it’s also pretty well-produced, featuring scenes with his wife and baby daughter and clips from the show itself, some of which are classic 90 Day moments.

Some famous franchise favorites make cameos in the video

It also includes cameos from actual 90 Day stars including, Betty and Ron Gibbs, Rebecca and Zied, and Paul and Karine lip-synching to the lyrics and doing little dances to the music.

Rebecca even went to his YouTube channel and commented on the video, saying, “Zied and I love it!!”

Rebecca Parrot from 90 Day Fiance
Rebecca of Rebecca and Zied reacts to 90 Day anthem. Pic credit: Gabe Petyon/YouTube

And Betty Gibbs (Mother Brandon of Brandon and Julia) is also a new fan, exclaiming, “This is GREAT, Gabe!! So creative and fun! Thanks for including us… we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!”

Betty Gibbs of 90 Day Fiance
Brandon’s mother Betty Gibbs praises the 90 Day anthem. Pic credit: Gabe Petyon/YouTube

The music video has some of the most memorable moments from the history of the show

The anthem includes some of the most memorable moments from the show with a nod to Paul’s iconic running scenes, the Family Chantal, Angela’s one egg, Larissa’s famous “Who is against the Queen will die” speech, and a ton more you may have forgotten.

He also goes deep into the annals of the early seasons, giving a quick shoutout to the (mostly forgotten) Mark of Mark and Nikki, asks George and Anfisa to stop fighting and selling drugs, flashes to Baby Girl Lisa and Usman, revisits Azan and Nicole’s desert climb, and takes us back to that faithful airport bathroom in which Darcey did a quick washup for her meeting with Jesse.

The 90 Day Anthem

Peyton has a really fun social media presence and posts his anthems to his Instagram page where he also quirkily documents his life as a husband and father. He has made a handful of clever videos, including writing anthems for the Game Stop stock surge and kittens, and setting the day of his daughter’s birth to a Justin Bieber hit.

He has his own YouTube channel where you can subscribe and watch his creations anytime you want, and it’s absolutely worth it – he’s pretty funny.

You can find the 90 Day anthem and the video for kittens, but also his audition tape for the Michael Che Show in which he campaigns for a spot on the host’s HBO show. He continued his petition on a podcast hosted by his childhood friends, The Bad Boys of Pop in February.

Although the current installment of the 90 Day franchise, Happily Ever After? may be winding down a bit, fans can revisit some of the most infamous moments from the show with Peyton’s clever little tune.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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