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90 Day Fiance: Anna Campisi shares some personal details about her father on Memorial Day

Anna from 90 Day Fiance shared some information over Instagram about her father on Memorial Day. Pic credit: TLC

Anna revealed some private information that she had never shared before in an Instagram post about her father on Memorial Day.

Anna shared that her father was the first casualty of Desert Storm and that his passing deeply affected her life and it is still difficult to talk about to this day.

In her post, Anna also addressed the fact that she’s received flak from people who do not believe her father was the first casualty of Desert Storm, so she provided the link to an article about it in a separate Instagram story.

Anna also shared some feelings about her father and urged her followers to remember those soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for the United States.

Anna’s posted her heartfelt message about her dad on Memorial Day

Anna lost her father, who was a soldier in Desert Storm, when she was young and his absence severely affected her and her family.

She shared that he “was a brave man that loved his family and country. Every day I think about him and wish he was here with us. Today take a moment to think about those that gave their life for our country.”

As for the people that were questioning the validity of her claims that her father was the first casualty of Desert Storm, she shared her dibelief that there are people out there who would think she would make something like this up.

The link she posted in her Instagram story is a news article that details how her father was killed, and the family that he left behind. Anna was just 9 years old when she lost her dad.

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Anna spoke a little bit about hearing the day she found out that her father had been killed in the war but did not tell the whole story.

Anna and Mursel have been a 90 Day Fiance success story

Anna and Mursel had a very rocky 90 days because Mursel was afraid to tell his family about Anna’s three children because his family would not approve. Anna gave him the ultimatum that he would have to tell his family the truth or go back to Turkey. He went back to Turkey but ended up coming clean to his parents and coming back to the US to marry Anna.

Since then they have shared their love of beekeeping with each other and grown their honey business and have been working to overcome their language barrier.

They also started their own YouTube channel, which features the fun Anna and Mursel have with their boys and their business. They have also gone back to Turkey to visit.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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