7 of the most involved 90 Day Fiance parents

Chuck, Debbie, and Norma
Throughout the 90 Day Fiance franchise there have been parents of the cast that have inserted themselves into their children’s lives and they are memorable for it. Pic credit: TLC

Many of the 90 Day Fiance cast members have leaned on their parents for guidance, financial help, emotional support, or stability when their relationships are chaotic. There are some 90 Day Fiance parents that have been more present than others, and have stood out for their personalities or intrusiveness.

Some 90 Day Fiance parents have been known to meddle in their child’s relationship at times, or at least stir the pot a bit as they try to assess their child’s partner.

There has been some intense drama that has been started by a few of the 90 Day Fiance parents, while others are more notable for their unconditional support and love.

Whether it’s the parents putting their noses where they don’t belong or their kids not setting proper boundaries with them, there have been some overbearing parents that have caused drama for their children.

This list captures seven of the 90 Day Fiance parents that stick out from the rest either for their good parental qualities, or their annoying and intrusive behavior. Either way, these parents have become staples of the 90 Day franchise as much as their kids have.

1. Colt’s mom Debbie

Debbie Johnson
Debbie and Colt have a very close bond that has intimidated and rubbed some of Colt’s love interests the wrong way. Pic credit: TLC

Colt was homeschooled by his mom Debbie his whole life and the two share a very close bond that has evolved into his adulthood. Colt has always lived with Debbie and does not plan on ever changing that, and Debbie’s difficult at times personality has done some damage to the relationships Colt’s had with women.

His relationship with his ex-wife Larissa ended in part because Larissa and Debbie couldn’t stand one another, and Larissa was always trying to push Debbie out, unsuccessfully.

Colt’s next relationship with his ex-girlfriend Jess ended when Debbie not so accidentally let it slip that Vanessa, who Colt slept with before, was watching their cats while they were in Brazil visiting Jess’s family.

Now that Colt is in a relationship with Vanessa, Debbie has calmed down because she gets along with Vanessa, but Debbie will surely speak up when something happens that she doesn’t like.

2. Jovi’s mom Gwen

Gwen Dufren
Jovi’s mom Gwen made it clear that she was there to support Jovi, Yara and their daughter in any way they need. Pic credit: TLC

In Gwen’s support for her son Jovi, she was bubbly and welcoming toward his wife Yara from the moment she arrived. Gwen wanted Yara to feel like she had a support system in America and did everything she could to make her feel comfortable.

Instead of eloping, Yara let Gwen attend their wedding in Las Vegas, which brought them closer. They grew even closer after that when Jovi left for work for four months during the coronavirus pandemic and Yara stayed at Jovi’s parents’ house.

Since their daughter Mylah was born, Gwen has been an active grandma, offering her advice, time, and gifts to help them as a couple and help the baby.

3. Big Ed’s mom Norma

Norma Brown
During The Single Life, Big Ed’s mom Norma actively helped Ed with advice and was there to meet his girlfriend Liz and give her opinions. Pic credit: TLC

During Ed’s time on Before the 90 Days, he expressed how much his mom Norma meant to him and was a big part of his life. On The Single Life, he moved her into his house to take care of her as she gets older.

Every time Norma comes on viewers’ screens, she has been delightful, and she either helps Ed with his grooming or offers him advice on his relationships. Views can tell she deeply cares for her son but is not on board with his relationship choices.

Ed has received a lot of criticism for his manipulative and predatory nature toward young women and viewers commend Norma for continuously echoing the sentiment that Ed needs to date women that are around his age.

4. Brandon’s parents Betty and Ron

Ron and Betty Gibbs
Brandon’s closeness with his overbearing parents has been too much for Julia who doesn’t want to live by their rules and wants her space. Pic credit: TLC

Brandon has a very close relationship with his parents Ron and Betty, who raised him as essentially an only child on their farm. Brandon never developed clear boundaries with them, which is something that greatly upset his wife Julia because Ron and Betty tend to be very intrusive and demanding.

Betty is very involved in Julia and Brandon’s relationship and laid some ridiculous rules down for as long as Julia and Brandon live under their roof together. Upon Julia’s arrival, she tried to get her into the doctor to get on birth control, which Julia refused.

Both of Brandon’s parents agreed that they couldn’t sleep in the same room, but then left a bowl of condoms in Julia’s room. They were also able to use the hot tub but could only go in it naked.

All these contradictory rules were too much for Julia, who eventually threatened to move out if they didn’t let them sleep in the same room. Betty and Ron both had an epic meltdown over these threats but ended up caving to this demand.

Brandon’s parent’s tight grip on their son and the way they run their farm by demanding Julia’s help when she doesn’t want to has even earned them a spot as 90 Day Fiance villains.

5. Nicole’s mom Robalee

Robalee Nicole's mom
Nicole’s mom Robalee did her best to guide her daughter and give her advice that made sense, not that Nicole listened much. Pic credit: TLC

Nicole exhibited very poor decision-making when it came to her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Azan and how she dragged her young impressionable daughter May with her back and forth to Morocco and made her call Azan ‘dad’.

Nicole’s mom Robalee tried to be the voice of reason as much as possible with Nicole and did everything in her power to protect May from the emotional damage Nicole was putting her through. When Nicole begged her mom to be Azan’s sponsor because she didn’t make enough money to qualify for the K-1 visa, Robalee refused.

She traveled to Morocco to meet Azan and assess the situation and repeatedly tried to tell her daughter to wisen up and look at all the red flags in her relationship. Robalee pressured Azan to see the situation with her daughter as not healthy and to consider other options.

It was exhausting for viewers to watch Robalee attempt to get her daughter to do the right thing for herself and May only to be met with defiance and more bad decision making.

6. Chantel’s mom Karen

Karen Everett
Chantel’s mom Karen loved stirring the pot if it meant getting the information she wanted from Pedro and his family. Pic credit: TLC

Chantel’s mom Karen was suspicious of Pedro and his family from the time he and Chantel got married. Her suspicions spawned from Chantel beginning Pedro’s relationship with them on lies. She was too afraid to tell them Pedro came over on the fiance visa so she said he was an exchange student.

Since then, Pedro has not reacted well to Karen and Chantel’s family’s questioning and mistrust, and his reactions have only made them more skeptical. The vicious, mistrusting, and volatile cycle between Pedro and especially Karen boiled over when Karen stirred the pot more than once by bringing up things with Pedro she knew would set him off.

She accused Pedro’s family of coming up with an elaborate plan to harvest the American dollar by setting up Dominicans with “stupid Americans” in some type of marriage ring that Pedro denied.

Then, Karen’s gaslighting of Pedro’s sister during an attempted family dinner ended in an all-out brawl between Pedro and his and sister and Chantal’s family.

7. Elizabeth’s dad Chuck

Chuck Potthast
Elizabeth’s Dad Chuck helped his daughter out with money, a wedding, a place to live, and a job for her husband Andrei. Pic credit: TLC

When Andrei got to America, he struggled for a long time with getting a job and making money until he finally decided that being a stay-at-hone dad would be the best option for him. Within that setting, his wife Elizabeth had to work through her pregnancy and after, and they ended up needing a lot of financial help from Elizabeth’s dad Chuck.

Chuck ended up giving them a house to live in rent-free, giving them deposit and rent money when they decided they didn’t like the house, paying for their expensive wedding in Moldova, and then giving Andrei a job where he intends on paying the wages out of his own money.

Chuck has stated that he would do anything to help his daughter, and if that meant supporting her and her husband, then he would do it to make sure they were secure.

Many viewers think that Elizabeth and Andrei are taking advantage of Chuck and that Andrei mistreats him even after all the kindness and generosity he has bestowed.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Elvira g Gonzales
Elvira g Gonzales
2 years ago

I really don’t under stand why Chuck helps them so much and also Andre needs to watch his mouth.charlie is right.andre is taking Chuck money