6 of the biggest fights in 90 Day Fiance history

Paola, Andrei and Nicole
There were many explosive fights in 90 Day history, but these 6 take the cake. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance has birthed multiple spinoffs, and viewers have seen many crazy couples cross their screens. With all the hardships involved with entertaining international relationships, like issues with logistics, transgressions, cultural differences, and tension between friends and family, there have been many explosive fights.

The fights that have happened on 90 Day Fiance and its spinoffs have all started with miscommunication, jealousy, immaturity, desperation, or toxicity, where the people involved have reached the end of their rope.

With so many stressors to antagonize the couples, who are trying to make their international love work, there have many notable fights over the years.

Whether it’s the result of bad blood between friends or family, deep relationship issues, or finances, most of these fights have never been resolved, or both parties have agreed to disagree.

This list captures the most epic fights to take place in 90 Day Fiance history, and goes into the details about what went down.

1. Russ and Juan

Russ and Paola recently celebrated seven years together, but it was a bumpy road to get there. Their major blow-up fights mostly circulated around Paola’s toxic best friend, Juan, who was determined to break them up. Juan thought Russ was boring and he was jealous of the time and attention Russ got from Paola, so he verbally attacked Russ any chance he got.

Juan threw major disses at Russ when he was visiting Miami, which began the escalation of their fighting because Paola chose Juan’s side, and then, when Russ and Paola were visiting Colombia, it got worse. Juan flipped Russ off at the club they were at and Russ lost it and tried to fight Juan. Paola broke it up and sided with her husband who was mad that Paola brought him into another situation with Juan’s disrespect.

During the Tell All, host, Shaun Robinson, brought Juan out on video and the two of them fought again, but this time Paola really understood how much Juan’s negative and toxic opinions were hurting her husband and their relationship. Her fellow castmates also came to Russ’s defense.

It doesn’t look like Juan has been a part of their life since the Tell All where he was trying to get Paola to make him the godfather of her child despite the friction with Russ.

2. Kalani and Tammy

Kalani has continuously fought with her husband Asuelu about how much of their money he gives to his mom and his family in Samoa. His family thinks whatever they give is not enough and believe Kalani is the bad guy for not letting Asuelu send more.

The fight about money escalated when the Kalani and Asuelu took their sons to visit Asuelu’s family and they got into an awkward conversation in a restaurant where Asuelu’s mom begged him for more money. When Kalani tried to interject that they don’t have much money to send them, Asuelu’s mother and sister Tammy jumped down her throat and told her to stay out of it.

The whole money conversation did not sit well with Kalani and she asked Asuelu’s mom and Tammy to meet up with her to discuss the issue. She told them how messed up it is that they only care about how much Asuelu can send and don’t even care about how he’s doing at all. She reminded them that she has the power over Asuelu and that they would not be sending them much at all.

Tammy flipped out and tried to attack Kalani for what she said while Asuelu’s mom held her back, but it was a wild and unforgettable scene that still causes tension for both families.

3. Pedro and Chantel’s brother River

Pedro and Chantel built their relationship with Chantel’s family on lies when they first got together because they didn’t divulge that they were in a relationship or getting married until a few days before. Chantel’s family thought he was studying English in America. This deep mistrust has followed their relationship ever since and has caused a lot of friction between Pedro and Chantel and their families.

The worst fight that happened was when Chantel’s family invited Pedro and his sister over for dinner to try and alleviate tension, but it did the opposite. Chantel’s family was sassy and Pedro had an attitude.

It did not take long into dinner before mistrusting allegations were thrown, which turned into an argument, and then Pedro and Chantel’s brother River both stood up. What happened next, was a violent altercation between Pedro and his sister and Chantel’s whole family.

This was the worst fight that Pedro and Chantel were a part of during their relationship, but there were others that came close. They continue to try and focus on the relationship between the two of them as they slowly try to mend things between their families.

4. Abby, Sean, and Chris

Abby, Sean, and Chris
Abby and Chris had a flirtatious relationship as ex-lovers, which Abby’s current boyfriend, Sean, hated. Pic credit: TLC

20-year-old Abby from Haiti had a 27 year age difference with her boyfriend Sean, who intended on proposing to her while they spent more time together in Haiti. The problem was that Abby was still in contact with her ex-boyfriend, another older American man named Chris, and she didn’t want to stop talking to him. Chris also gave Abby money regularly.

She invited Chris to Haiti so Sean could talk to him but it backfired badly. The three of them sat down at a cafe and Sean was immediately suspicious and caught Abby in a lie when Chris told a different story of how they met. To make matters worse, Sean was leaving right before the weekend and asked Chris when he was leaving, which was after the weekend.

Sean asked to see the messages between Abby and Chris, which she refused to show to him. As tensions got more heated, Chris got up and left, and Abby got up and walked in a different direction. Sean confronted Chris, who was just outside the cafe alone, one more time before walked off again. Chris brushed him off, and Sean got more mad.

Abby then appeared and walked out of the cafe, and Sean ran around trying to confront her. Once he did catch up with her, she said she would not stop talking to Chris and they broke up only to reconcile a few days later but ultimately break up later on.

Abby has since been married and moved to England, while Sean is apparently taken and living in the Dominican Republic.

5. Nicole and Azan’s fight in Morocco

Nicole and Azan
Nicole got so flustered and angry with Azan that she shoved him and then chased him down during one of their fights in Morocco. Pic credit: TLC

Nicole’s immaturity and disillusionment are what led to most of the fights she and Azan had. Nicole did not understand Azan’s strict Muslim culture and would often get mad that he wasn’t showing her affection, making enough of an effort, or when they didn’t understand each other’s cultures.

On one visit to Morrocco, Nicole got mad at Azan because he was sensitive about their cultural differences. The argument escalated to where Nicole ended up pushing him, then chasing him around the neighborhood before he got away from her by climbing some stairs. She then proceeded to have a fit in the van, explaining the fight and that she cheated on Azan.

Her escalation into laying hands on him for something so trivial was completely unwarranted and shocking to see, especially because Azan was not throwing any flames onto the situation. Nicole was the one who cheated, was impatient with his culture, and the one pushed the fight into something physical.

Nicole and Azan are rumored to be broken up after their years long engagement.

6. Charlie, Chuck, and Andrei in Moldova

Andrei’s entitled and lazy nature rubbed Elizabeth’s family the wrong way from day one. Whether it was refusing to get a job and making Elizabeth support him and their daughter while still calling himself the man of the house, or the way he made Elizabeth ask her Dad, Chuck, for money to support them or for a place to live, he had many faults in Elizabeth’s family’s eyes.

All the pent-up aggression and resentment exploded when Elizabeth and Andrei had a second wedding in his home country of Moldova. Andrei made Elizabeth ask Chuck to pay for the wedding, which he agreed to do, but it was perceived as Andrei taking advantage of Chuck by Elizabeth’s siblings. On top of that, Andrei would never answer any questions that Chuck or Elizabeth’s brother, Charlie, would ask, leading to their suspicion and mistrust.

While at a dinner with Andrei’s friend and family, Chuck and Charlie started asking questions to the group that Andrei wouldn’t answer previously. Andrei got upset by the questions, and Chuck and Charlie got annoyed by his evasiveness and disrespectful language until it turned into an almost fistfight.

The fight got broken up before it turned physical and Elizabeth made Andrei apologize to Chuck and Charlie, especially since Chuck was paying for the wedding. The tension I still brewing between Andrei and Elizabeth’s family but they are working on it.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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