13 of most underrated comedic moments in 90 Day Fiance history

Big Ed, Babygirl Lisa, and Colt
There are many funny moments in 90 Day Fiance history that are underrated for their comedic value: Pic credit: TLC

When you think about all of the laughs 90 Day Fiance has given there are quite a few that stand out as resoundingly hilarious, but there are so many more less-talked about scenes and situations that deserve attention for their comedic value.

There are plenty of underrated moments throughout 90 Day Fiance history that have caused laughter among fans that are more subtle than some of the obvious comical instances.

There are scenes in the 90 Day universe that are referred to often for their hilarious nature but some of the lesser-referenced moments that don’t first come to mind hold just as much humorous weight.

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Whether it be uncomfortable situations, translation mishaps, misunderstandings, or breakups, there is a bevy of scenes from the 90 Day Fiance seasons and spinoffs that need light shown upon them for laughs.

What you will find in this list are 13 special scenes that will surely make you laugh along with an explanation of why they are ridiculous and hysterical.

1. Colt Johnson’s workout ending with him throwing up in a trash can

Colty & His Spiritual Guide Steve Get Jacked

A workout montage of Colt was shown during an episode of Happily Ever After? that culminated in him puking into a trash can.

In the video, viewers saw Colt working out hard doing all kinds of exercises in an outdoor park while saying he wanted to improve his confidence and health after his breakup with Jess.

Colt’s workout narrative was never embraced again on screen and Colt seems to have embraced his body which he shows off on OnlyFans.

2. Paul using the wrong hand signs to ask Karine’s dad for her hand in marriage

Paul Staehle
Paul used the wrong hand signals while talking to Karine’s dad about marriage. Pic credit: TLC

Communication between Paul and Karine’s dad broke down while he was asking him for Karine’s hand in marriage but Paul did manage to end up doing a creepy and wildly inappropriate hand sign.

He used his pointer finger, not his ring finger, to simulate what was supposed to be the gesture of putting a ring on someone’s finger by putting it through a hole he made with his other hand while staring up at Karine’s dad intently.

Karine’s dad ended up agreeing to marriage but Paul’s hand signal mishap was legendary.

3. Natalie’s friend Juliana coming in to use Mike’s bathroom after his breakup with Natalie

Mike and Juliana
Juliana made Mike feel even worse after breaking up with Natalie. Pic credit: TLC

Natalie’s friend Juliana managed to twist the knife into Mike’s heart a little more when she showed up to use the bathroom after Mike and Natalie broke up officially.

Juliana told Mike that he still had his job and his cat and then she went in for an extremely awkward hug where she ended up knocking his hat off and putting it back on sideways.

Mike’s face and beaten-down reaction to the situation were priceless.

4. Tania Maduro eating her steak while fighting with Syngin Colchester in front of his family

Tania Calls Out Syngin at Dinner | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Tania fought with Syngin about her disapproval of his ambition and goals in front of his whole family during a South African barbeque. The funny part was that Tania continued to cut and eat her steak as she cried and carried on for his family to witness.

The entire scene was quite odd and uncomfortable but comedic gold for viewers that could see the humor of Tania’s behavior in the failed get-together.

5. Usman ‘Sojaboy’ Umar telling his family that Babygirl Lisa was a doctor back in America

Babygirl Lisa
Usman did not interpret Lisa’s job correctly when asking his mom for permission to marry Lisa. Pic credit: TLC

Usman said Babygirl Lisa was a doctor instead of interpreting what she really said about her occupation as a hospice worker while they were trying to get Usman’s mother’s blessing to marry.

The funny part for viewers is imagining Lisa as a doctor, knowing how volatile, immature, and crass she can be.

Usman and Lisa eventually got his mother’s blessing, but thanks to Usman’s interpretation that Lisa was above her station, it’s possible she didn’t have all the right information to make a judgment call.

6. Rosemarie Vega telling Big Ed that she thinks he’s a bad person

Big Ed
Rose dissed Big Ed and caused him to storm off in a fit while they were breaking up. Pic credit: TLC

Big Ed got an ear full from Rose about all the way he disrespected and offended her. His defense was to pointedly ask her if she thought that he was a bad person to which rose answered without hesitation, yes.

Big Ed was shocked by her candid admission and stormed off from the table they were at, signaling the final moments they would ever spend together.

Check out the video of what led up to the heated final moments of Rose and Big Ed’s breakup.

Rose GOES OFF on Big Ed | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

7. Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg’s translator app never saying the intended thing correctly

Deavan's Translator Creates More Problems | 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

Jihoon and Deavan’s Korean to English and vice versa translator app failed them many times and contributed to their broken communication.

They would speak into the device and it often had some outlandish interpretations of what was being said which added to the confusion of many situations.

For example, Jihoon spoke into the translator, “I was afraid of making another mistake. I didn’t want to waste that money.”

But it translated, “I’ll make another mistake. I’ll waste that money again.”

8. David Murphey’s trenchcoat and everything else about him

90 day Fiance creepy meeting mmm compilation. david and lana

David met Lana on a website to meet Slavic women where he had to pay to talk to her. So he spent years talking to Lana and over $100,000 on the website, only to be stood up by Lana four times when he went to see her in Ukraine.

David went to her supposed address in Ukraine only to find it was false. He also hired a private investigator to get more information on her and then subsequently fired him when he told David that Lana might be scamming him.

When Lana actually followed through and met with David, he was wearing a leather trenchcoat and proceeded to utter “Mmmm” throughout their time together.

He never did end up getting anything more than an awkward kiss and has refused to admit that he was just a source of money to her.

He also made up a bunch of wild excuses for her aloof and flighty behavior, going as far as to say that her nails were too long and she could not type back to him.

9. Tarik Myers’ experience in Hazel Cagalitan’s parents’ church

Tarik Meets Hazel's Parents | 90 Day Fiancé - Tarik and Hazel

When Tarik went to the Philippines to meet Hazel for the first time he also had to meet her family, which entailed going with them to church.

The church that he was taken to was totally outrageous with patrons speaking in tongues, writhing on the ground, and sobbing as they worshipped. All the while, Tarik was sitting in the middle of it all looking extremely uncomfortable and bewildered.

10. When the sex store employee that Laura Jallali was talking to said, ‘I don’t know where Qatar is, I sell dildos for a living’

Laura Thinks Aladin Needs Some Help Satisfying Her In The Bedroom! | 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

Laura visited a sex shop ahead of her move to Qatar to be with her now-ex-husband Aladin. She spent a lot of time with the lady who worked there and explained that Aladin really didn’t know what to do in the bedroom and that he needed help.

She explained that Aladin was a conservative man from Qatar during her visit and after she picked something out and made her purchase the store worker dropped the one-liner, “I don’t know where Qatar is, I sell dildos for a living.”

11. Colt Johnson’s blind date with an adult film star

Colt's Blind Date Is a Porn Star! | 90 Day: The Single Life

Colt was put on a blind date with what ended up being an adult film star. He went over to her house for drinks and she bragged that she knew how to code in Python and was into astrophysics which took him back — as did her distinct laugh.

But as the date when on she started to freak him out while also intriguing him by bringing him to a room where she filmed adult videos and went into detail about some of her experiences in the room.

12. When Darcey Silva got a house key instead of a proposal from Tom Brooks

Tom's Gift to Darcey | 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days

Darcey was expecting to get the proposal from Tom that she didn’t get from Jesse only to be crushed when Tom presented her with a key to his house.

The 90 Day Fiance star had been pushing and strongly hinting at Tom about wanting an engagement and all of her efforts culminated in what she took as a diss in the form of a key.

Darcey’s desperation and reactions to things have been funny to viewers since the beginning of her time in the franchise, so to some viewers, this scene was the icing on the cake.

13. Evelin Villegas’ family thinking Corey was doing black magic

Ecuadorian Grandma Accuses Son In Law Of Using Black Magic | 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

When Evelin brought Corey around her family in Ecuador, she basically let him fend for himself even though he barely spoke any Spanish. So Corey decided to perform a few magic tricks.

The tricks did not go over well with Evelin’s family, however, and they accused of being a witch and using black magic.

90 Day: The Single Life will premiere Friday, November 12, on Discovery+.

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2 years ago

They left out when Natalie went to Mike’s mother’s house for the first time and saw her piggy bank collection. Then she did a cameo and said “I don’t understand this, is too many piggies.”