1000-Lb Sisters fans react to news of Amy Slaton split from husband Michael

A close up screen grab of Amy Slaton from 1000-Lb Sisters on TLC.
Amy moved on with the boys after splitting with her partner of two decades. Pic credit: TLC

1000-Lb Sisters fans were shocked to learn Amy Slaton split from her husband, Michael Halterman.

The couple were high school sweethearts and have been inseparable for nearly two decades.

The news broke that Amy is now living with her sister, Tammy Slaton, along with Amy’s two children, Gage and Glenn.

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Tammy was excited before having weight-loss surgery to babysit her nephews, but she will do more than sit for the family. Tammy is out of rehab and moved back to Kentucky.

Amy and Michael had difficulties that were apparent in the last season when Amy gave birth to her second child and remarked she felt like she had three kids instead of two, indicating Michael wasn’t much help with child-rearing.

Rumors also swirled that Michael was childish and jealous of Amy’s attention to their babies.

Amy Slaton becomes emotional over mommy woes on 1000-Lb Sisters

Amy got emotional over worries about being a good enough mom to her two children.

Having two babies under two years old is exhausting work, and the star became tearful when both babies started fussing at a family barbecue.

Michael appeared unphased by the screaming babies, and thanks to Amy’s sister Amanda and brother Chris coming to the rescue, she got some help to calm them down.

Michael’s magical ability to tune his kids out while plowing through a plate of potato salad did not impress fans.

Amy took note of the lack of concern, and The Sun reported she was separated from her husband, Michael, and planned on filing for a divorce.

Fans react to the news of Amy and Michael’s split after filming Season 4 of 1000-Lb Sisters

The 1000-Lb Sisters couple first met and started dating in high school nearly 20 years ago, so fans were shocked at the news that Amy left Michael and took their children with her.

One fan tweeted, “The streets saying Michael and Amy are done.”

Most fans felt it coming after last week’s show had Amy stressing and complaining about not getting help from her husband with their kids while she was still recovering from cesarean section surgery.

A Twitter fan reacted to Michael’s perceived lousy behavior by saying, “Why is Michael sitting in a chair stuffing his face while his kids are crying, leaving his wife to handle it?”

1000-Lb Sisters airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and streams on Discovery+.

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Clara Franklin
Clara Franklin
9 months ago

Amy is a very devoted mommy to her 2 young sons. She deserves someone who will help her instead of being just another dead beat dad in the picture Amy will be better off without him. She has a lot of family support to help her out

Daisy torres
Daisy torres
9 months ago


Daisy torres
Daisy torres
9 months ago

I would’ve don’t the same thing but first I will said something to.him.and ask him to leave and don’t come back I’m sorry

Cathy Schottle
Cathy Schottle
8 months ago

Amy, Goodluck on your 2 babies and I hope Michael wakes before its to late.

Carmella DeLaCruz
Carmella DeLaCruz
8 months ago

When we watch the show we only see small clips of Amy Michael the other is about what her sisters and brother doing and it mostly resolves around helping Tammy. Now I saw Amy breaking down because of the babies crying. Amy some times certain people need to be asked to help because there are so many people around. Tammy is doing so great and is happily married. Right now she is home and glowing with happiness. After the new wears off you might find that you are a third wheel. The focus here is Tammy needs to enjoy being married and being a new wife. Sometimes things can become overwhelming especially after having a new baby. Your hormones are not what they were before the baby. Your boys need a father no matter the issues you are going through, they come first. I have been a single parent with a new born and it is hard. I wish you and Tammy the best in you life. Please seek counseling with Michael. You’ll find that you both have issues and a counselor will give you ways to communicate better. There are two sides to every thing. I do enjoy watching your show. Tammy. You look like different person you have a natural beauty and now it’s your turn to shine. YOU DID IT b*****s. Just saying. Best of luck on your journey.