1000-Lb. Sisters: Chris Combs will be calling fans for a one-day event on Cameo

1000-Lb. Sisters star Chris Combs will be calling fans for a one-day event.
1000-Lb. Sisters Chris Combs will be calling fans on Cameo. Pic credit: TLC

Big brother to the Slaton sisters, Chris Combs, has become a breakout star from the series. His lovable personality and sense of humor quickly won over the hearts of viewers.

Fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters have enjoyed following Chris’ journey. After supporting his sisters, he decided he also wanted weight-loss surgery. After following the orders of his bariatric doctor, he was approved.

He has since lost a significant amount of weight and continues to work towards his goal of getting below 250 pounds.

Chris gives fans a chance to connect with him

Since his popularity has increased thanks to the show, Chris is now giving fans a chance to have a personal meet and greet with him.

Like many reality stars, he has created a profile on Cameo. This app allows users to request personalized messages from their favorite celebrities and stars. They also have a video call option, which Chris is opening up for his fan base.

On February 13, fans can schedule a one-on-one video call with Chris. The cost is $5 for a two-minute call. In that time, Chris says he will talk about anything and allow a photo to be taken.

In order to participate in this opportunity, fans must download the Cameo app to their phones or tablet. This feature is not available and will not work on the website. However, the purchase of the call can be done on Cameo’s website under Chris’ profile page.

Calls can be purchased ahead of time, although there is no way to lock-in a specific time to speak with Chris. Once a call is purchased, users will simply join the call at the appropriate time. From there, Chris will chat with fans one-on-one based on the order they joined the call.

This will be a one-day event, February 13, starting at 2 PM CST.

Fans want to see more of Chris on the show

Since appearing on the show, Chris has made a huge impression on viewers. He has been inspiring with his weight-loss journey and has been a strong voice of reason for his family. Fans have watched him support his sisters at their doctor’s appointments and encouraged them to make healthy choices, while also focusing on his own health.

This has led many fans to be hopeful that the network will allow Chris to have a greater presence on the show moving forward. Not only are they interested in seeing him reach his health goals, but viewers also want to see more of his personality and what life is like inside his home.

Unfortunately, fans are left waiting to hear if TLC will continue with the show. So far, there has been no news on the renewal status of 1000-Lb. Sisters. Currently, Tammy is still in rehab, and Amy is focusing on her pregnancy. Both could be factors in the network’s decision, although nothing has been confirmed.

1000-Lb. Sisters is currently on hiatus, but is streaming on Discovery+.

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