Randall and Beth’s potential divorce on This Is Us has Twitter in uproar

This Is Us
This Is Us just hinted that a major divorce could be looming. Pic credit: Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Many questions were answered during last night’s fall finale of This Is Us, but many new questions surfaced – and were left unanswered, including the status of Randall and Beth’s marriage. It didn’t take long for viewers to guess that perhaps they are headed for a divorce.

Of course, at this time, we simply do not know whether Randall and Beth’s marriage will survive. This was one of the cliffhangers on last night’s season finale, making viewers guess that perhaps a divorce is in their future.

This Is Us season finale recap of Randall and Beth’s cliffhanger

In case you missed last night’s fall finale, Randall had a political debate and he learns that his standing isn’t so good after recent poll results. He’s far behind his political opponent and not just by a little margin.

Beth has clearly accepted defeat and is ready to move on from his political dreams, but Randall isn’t ready to give up. The two have a big fight about his political future and he ends up sleeping on the couch.

Even though he claims his family is his top priority, he also states that he personally needs to see this political race through.

The reason for the divorce speculation also comes from the flash-forwards that viewers see throughout the episode. The two aren’t communicating directly in the future in one scene, as Randall has Tess call Beth, who then on the other end gets the message from an assistant at her dance studio.

This Is Us viewers react

Now, viewers are asking whether this marriage will truly end as Randall didn’t put his family first throughout the political race. Fans of This Is Us will have to wait until mid-January until they get any form of answers.

If Beth and Randall will get divorced, it sounds like it could be a longer storyline, and not over a single fight. Only time will tell whether this is the end for them.

This Is Us returns to NBC on January 15, 2019. 

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