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Prison Break: Has the identity of Poseidon been revealed?

Sara gets the bad news about Jason on Prison Break
Sara gets the bad news about Jason on Prison Break

In the last couple of weeks of Prison Break we have learned that Michael has been working for an agent called Poseidon.

To date we know that Poseidon has this name because he or she is so deep cover that a submarine couldn’t find them. We also learn that they hired Michael to break the recently deceased Abu Ramal out of prison.

Additionally, we have learned that Poseidon has an interest in keeping close tabs on Sara in order to be led back to Michael.

We also know that it was Poseidon that paid for Tea Bags’ bionic arm, but are yet to learn why.

In the last couple of weeks we have seen Jacob come under suspicion. Jacob first comes under the spotlight when Tea Bag snaps a shot of him talking to the two hired guns that had taken a shot at Lincoln and Sara.

Of course Sara learns of this when Tea Bag shows her the photograph.

In the last episode Sara was deeply suspicious of her husband and actively tried to avoid him. Even going as far as to take little Mike away from his grandparents early.

Eventually Sara and Jacob meet and Jacob tells her that he had tried to pay the two assassins off, so that they would leave her alone.

Jacob explains his actions to Sara on Prison Break, but is she convinced?

He even went as far as putting a tracker on the money that he paid them with and called the police on them.

Obviously this gets the two assassins out of the way, but is Jacob actually Poseidon and just trying to cover his tracks? Is Jacob in on the whole conspiracy?

We’ve had five episodes to date and the sixth airs later tonight. Which begs the question of whether it is a little soon to reveal the big bad? With Prison Break only having nine episodes, possibly not.

So let’s have little bit of a closer look at Jacob. Early on the series we learn that Jacob is an economist. In episode two he talks Sara through Game Theory and how Michael might use such a technique as a means to an end.

Which has us wondering if a determined deep cover rogue CIA agent would use the same sort of approach to get what they want.

When Sara was reunited with Jacob in the last episode the two hug and it is evident by her facial expression that she is not entirely convinced by Jacob’s story.

Additionally, where would an economist get a tracker from? Would it even occur to someone that does not work in intelligence to use such a thing?

If Jacob is not Poseidon, then we’d speculate that he is working for Poseidon. As revealed earlier, Poseidon wishes to keep Sara close in order to lead him back to Michael.

So what better way than to have control over one of your chess pieces than be married or romantically involved with her?

Michael and Lincoln are still on the run in the Yemen, but Lincoln now knows why Michael faked his death.

What do you think?

Prison Break airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on FOX.

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