Prison Break Season 6 release date and cast updates, plus potential movie?

FOX hasn’t closed the door on its hit series Prison Break yet as fans clamor for a sixth season. After the 2017 revival series came back with nine episodes, viewers have been demanding more episodes after being teased with the possibility of another Michael Scofield story arc. The series, which originally premiered about 15 years

Real identity of Poseidon is revealed on Prison Break

The real identity of Poseidon is finally revealed on tonight’s Prison Break. We wrote a speculative article about who Poseidon is a few weeks back, but will our hunches be proved to true — or completely missing the mark? The identity of the agent has been a big question mark for Prison Break fans this

Prison Break: Has the identity of Poseidon been revealed?

In the last couple of weeks of Prison Break we have learned that Michael has been working for an agent called Poseidon. To date we know that Poseidon has this name because he or she is so deep cover that a submarine couldn’t find them. We also learn that they hired Michael to break the recently

Prison Break: Is Michael using game theory to get what he wants?

In the last episode of Prison Break, we were given a brief explanation of game theory and how it could apply to Michael Scofield who seems to have built a gang around himself of people from different backgrounds. When Sara finds out that Michael is alive via the mobile phone message sent her by Lincoln,

Kaniel Outis: Why is Michael using that name as an alias on Prison Break?

When Prison Break returned last week, we were left with a number of questions. One of the biggest surrounded Michael Scofield’s new alias Kaniel Outis. As viewers will recall, Kaniel Outis was the name sewn into the jacket that Michael was supposedly buried in. But it is also the name he is known under at Ogygia Prison in Yemen, where his