Prison Break Season 6 release date rumor: Is the series coming back as a Netflix exclusive?

Prison Break sixth season Sara Tancredi
Will Sarah Wayne Callies return as Sara Tancredi in Prison Break Season 6. Pic credit: Fox

The Prison Break revival back in 2017 was thanks in part to an increased interest in the original series that was available to binge-watch on Netflix. The original run of the hit series premiered in 2005 and ended in 2009.

It has continued to grow in popularity and there is an increased interest for Season 6 of Prison Break in 2019.  

Although the nine-episode revival series seemed like a one off, Dominic Purcell, who portrays Lincoln Burrows, stated that Season 6 is in the works and Fox later confirmed last year that the sixth season is in early development. 

Will Prison Break Season 6 be a Netflix original? 

The last official update about Prison Break Season 6 was in May 2018 when Deadline quoted Fox’s president of entertainment Michael Thorn stating that the upcoming season is still in early development and the network is “focusing on getting the next iteration right”. 

While there is a rumor that the series will return as a Netflix exclusive, it is highly unlikely. However, it is possible that Netflix secures a licensing deal with Fox to stream Season 6 of Prison Break.  

The series creator Paul Scheuring revealed on social media around May 2018 that the sixth season “goes back to the beginning” and he has finished the script for Episode 1 of Prison Break Season 6. 

If Prison Break Season 6 gets a 2019 release date, it will likely come very late in the year or in 2020.  

All five seasons of Prison Break are available to stream on Netflix.

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2 years ago

The best best thing ever on Netflix. Amazing writing. We have to have all seasons, please.