Preston Roberts makes last ever appearance on Mountain Men in season finale

Preston Roberts on Mountain Men
Preston Roberts talks to the camera in his final ever episode on Mountain Men

Tonight will be a very sad night for Mountain Men fans — as much-loved star Preston Roberts makes his final appearance on the show following his death earlier this year.

The passing of the legendary outdoorsman in July, not long after he was diagnosed with cancer, left viewers stunned.

This week’s two-hour season finale includes the last scenes Preston, who was a fan favorite, filmed for the show.

Preston regularly appeared on the History series with long-time friend Eustace Conway, who worked with him at Turtle Island Preserve near Boone, North Carolina.

The strong emotional bond the pair shared made their scenes unquestionably uplifting to watch.

Preston died on July 24, before being laid to rest several days later in an emotional celebration of life.

Last month Eustace penned a heartfelt message paying tribute to his friend, and set up a fundraising page in his honor to which you can still donate.

The gofundme page has so far raised over $110,000 — more than four times its original target — as fans rally to support Preston’s family.

On last week’s Mountain Men, the pair had to watch in horror as Eustace’s truck hurtled out-of-control down a hill before smashing into a tree.

This week’s season finale is a two-episode special. The first sees Morgan’s horses vanish right as the bears in his local area are waking up following hibernation.

Meanwhile, Tom hunts America’s largest game — bison — and Rich’s lion hunt becomes a feat of endurance.

Then, in the second episode, Marty lands a huge catch after a dismal season, while Tom has to stand his ground against a huge beast.

And in Preston’s final scenes, he and Eustace fight fire with fire to lay down the roots for the next generation.

RIP Preston Roberts. You’ll be sorely missed.

The two-hour Mountain Men season finale airs tonight at 9/8c on History.

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