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Preacher Season 2 hits the road pursued by a hellish killer cowboy

Cowboy from Hell points guns on Preacher
Not a man you want on your trail, you would not want to bet Jesse’s powers work on this cowboy

Preacher is back for a second season and this time they leave the Texas town where Jesse received his mysterious gift and hit the road.

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy might be the most unlikely trio to head out on a road trip but you can be sure there will not be a dull moment as they search for god.

Good times, everyone loves a road trip. What could go wrong?
Good times, everyone loves a road trip. What could go wrong?

However, as you’d expect not all goes to plan and they soon realise that they are been pursued by a hellish cowboy who can take a hit and dish out death.

Jesse also explores and exploits his unique abilities, often to comic effect. But you wonder what the long term price of playing host to the entity will be.

At least Tulip always has his back and we know she is a woman who can kick major butt.

Two policemen hold hands after Jesse uses his powers of suggest, Tulip laughs in background
Spread the love, the power of suggestion

Cassidy is also keen to sell himself as a junkie vampire with essential skills, though he’s been keeping most of them well hidden so far.

Preacher is dark, funny and well worth a watch. If you’ve not seen the first season then you can catch it on Amazon.

Preacher airs on Sundays at 10 PM on AMC.

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