Who is Noah Taylor, actor who plays Adolf Hitler on Preacher?

AMC’s hit show Preacher courted controversy this season with its ‘last supper sex scene’ enraging Christians. Then there was the return to the equally provocative and topical Hitler rehabilitation storyline. But who is actor Noah Taylor who plays Adolf Hitler on the show? Noah Taylor was born in London in 1969. As the son of

Preacher Season 2 hits the road pursued by a hellish killer cowboy

Preacher is back for a second season and this time they leave the Texas town where Jesse received his mysterious gift and hit the road. Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy might be the most unlikely trio to head out on a road trip but you can be sure there will not be a dull moment as they search


AMC’s Preacher review: The series that was too dark for HBO

A Texas preacher armed with the power of the word of God, his exceptional marksman of an ex-girlfriend and a hard-drinking Irish vampire. Just tune into AMC Sunday night at 10pm. Preacher was probably the craziest comic book of the late 90s. Created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon, this creator-owned comic was