Pirate treasure hunt and zodiac-themed ‘blowtorched bison’ on Top Chef

Jim Smith sweats as he fires some chillies to go with his 'blowtorched bison' on Top Chef
Jim Smith sweats as he fires some chillies to go with his ‘blowtorched bison’ on Top Chef

On Top Chef this week, the chefs get sent on a Pirate themed treasure hunt during a tropical storm — and have to cook dishes based on the element of their zodiac sign.

The contestants end up soaked through as they run through the streets of Charleston, South Carolina, in the pouring rain on the treasure hunt to celebrate the pirate Blackbeard.

The challenge sees them split into teams by guest judge Graham Elliot as they search for treasure chests around the city. Whoever finds each one first gets first dibs on one of the three ingredients inside.

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The first team to find seven chests then gets to start before the others in the kitchen, with the contest overseen by host Padma Lakshmi and guest judge Michael Cimarusti.

Whoever has the worst dish on the losing team is then made to walk the plank from the show.

The Pirate treasure hunt comes after the Quickfire Challenge, which sees the chefs having to create dishes based on the corresponding element from their zodiac sign — water, earth wind or fire.

Jim Smith has fun with ‘blowtorched bison’ and hot chillies, while things are also heating up in the kitchen for Katsuji Tanabe. He says: “I’m pretty much burning everything.”

The two bottom chefs in the challenge then have to face off against each other in the Sudden Death Quickfire, with the loser being booted off the show.

Top Chef airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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