Top Chef Masters winner Floyd Cardoz dead at 59 from coronavirus

As the days progress, we hear more and more notable names have contracted COVID-19, some succumbing to the virus sweeping the globe. Sadly, a culinary star and former Top Chef Masters winner Floyd Cardoz has died at age 59 from coronavirus. Cardoz is one of several shocking announcements made today that involve COVID-19, including Prince

Who went home on Top Chef? Restaurant Wars conclusion sees two contestants exit

Restaurant Wars is one of Top Chef’s biggest season challenges, and this season’s battle was the toughest yet, with two contestants getting sent home by the end of the episode. In last week’s episode, we saw the contestants split into three teams to create their own pop-up restaurants. They had two days to design a

Restaurant Wars comes to Top Chef, with a surprise twist!

It’s that time of the season again … no, not that time. That was the other day. We’re talking about Top Chef’s Restaurant Wars episode! There’s twelve chefs left in the competition at this point, after Kevin went home last week for dishing up a too-salty dessert. The pressure cooker is slowly turning up as

Fatima Ali cancer: Top Chef star given one year to live

Fatima Ali, the powerful chef competing on the season 15 of Top Chef, has revealed that her cancer has returned. Shortly after competing on last year’s season, she was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. This kind of cancer usually occurs in the bone or in the soft tissue around the bone. Common

Top Chef Season 16: When will the Bravo show return and in what city?

Top Chef is one of Bravo’s most successful shows, showcasing the amazing work of professional chefs. Top Chef is a competitive reality show, where the best in the United States compete to become the best chef of the season. Now, fans are waiting for season 16 to premiere on Bravo, so when can we expect


Pirate treasure hunt and zodiac-themed ‘blowtorched bison’ on Top Chef

On Top Chef this week, the chefs get sent on a Pirate themed treasure hunt during a tropical storm — and have to cook dishes based on the element of their zodiac sign. The contestants end up soaked through as they run through the streets of Charleston, South Carolina, in the pouring rain on the treasure


Vegetarian twist on traditional Southern comfort dishes on Top Chef

This week on Top Chef, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy asks the chefs to take some traditional Southern recipes and make them vegetarian. Southern cuisine is renowned for its comfort factor but Murthy wants the chefs to create vegetarian versions of some classic, giving them a little twist. The recipes have to give a nod to