Top Chef Season 16: When will the Bravo show return and in what city?

Top Chef 16
Top Chef 16 is returning later this year on Bravo. Pic credit: Bravo

Top Chef is one of Bravo’s most successful shows, showcasing the amazing work of professional chefs. Top Chef is a competitive reality show, where the best in the United States compete to become the best chef of the season. Now, fans are waiting for season 16 to premiere on Bravo, so when can we expect the show to return?

Every year, the show moves around the country, exploring local cuisine in different states. On season 16, the show will be going to Kentucky. The show will explore Louisville, Lexington, and Lake Cumberland next season, encouraging the chefs to work with bourbon and barbecue.

“We are always looking for rising culinary destinations and are looking forward to planting our flag in Kentucky and soaking up a diverse region of the country that we haven’t yet explored on Top Chef,” Shari Levine, Executive Vice President, Current Production, Bravo Media, said in a statement from February.

“Kentucky has a strong food identity and we know our incoming chefs will be inspired by the burgeoning culinary scene, known for its innovative takes on Southern cuisine, melding flavors, and use of Kentucky’s agricultural bounty.”

When filming began, Padma Lakshmi shared a video on her Instagram page, revealing she was busy exploring the local foods already.

It sounds like Top Chef is always looking for new and exciting places to go, but one place that has yet to be explored is Atlanta. When one fan asked why Atlanta hadn’t been chosen yet, Padma Lakshmi revealed that she had encouraged producers to explore Atlanta, Georgia as an option for upcoming seasons.

As for when Top Chef might be returning, we’ve done a bit of research into past seasons’ premiere dates to give us clues. Season 13 premiered on December 2, 2015, whereas season 14 started on December 1, 2016. Last year, season 15 began on December 7, 2017.

In other words, season 16 will probably start during the first week or two of 2018, running through to March 2019. Fans can expect judges Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, and Graham Eliot to return.

It’s unknown whether filming has wrapped for this current season of Top Chef, but it sounds like the show will be ready to go come December.

Top Chef season 16 returns later this year but Bravo hasn’t announced the premiere date just yet.

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