Vegetarian twist on traditional Southern comfort dishes on Top Chef

Top Chef
Top Chef is nothing if not frantic!

This week on Top Chef, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy asks the chefs to take some traditional Southern recipes and make them vegetarian.

Southern cuisine is renowned for its comfort factor but Murthy wants the chefs to create vegetarian versions of some classic, giving them a little twist.

The recipes have to give a nod to Edna Lewis, who was the queen of Southern cooking. Lewis was born in Orange County, Virginia and she ended up working as a cook at a restaurant in New York City.

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Edna Lewis
Edna Lewis’s famous cookbook

An accident stopped her working for a while and she used the time to create The Edna Lewis Cookbook and later The Taste of Country Cooking, which became a classic and was got rave reviews in the likes of the The New York Times.

Cooking on this episode are Mashama Bailey, Nathalie Dupree, Hugh Acheson, Art Smith and Alexander Smalls.

Watch Top Chef – A Southern Legend at 9 PM on BRAVO.

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