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Parker Schnabel finds gold with first pan in exclusive Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail clip

Parker Schnabel sluices and finds a gold fleck in his pan on Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail

Discovery’s Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail is a must-watch tonight — as our exclusive clip shows their luck has turned from bad to golden!

The episode comes off last week’s when Parker Schnabel and his team of three were beat up by the elements, and all started to get on each other’s nerves as they follow the famous Klondike trail in pursuit of gold.

At the height of the gold rush stampede, over 7,000 boats traveled exactly where they are now, through the same northern lakes, racing each other to stake the best claims in the gold fields.

In our exclusive clip from this week’s episode, Parker has the crew on the banks and is hand sluicing while Karla Charlton fishes the lake. A bounty comes in with her first cast, and then another, and another…

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Parker dishes paydirt ahead of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail

She catches seven grayling in total. The crew will finally eat, but for Parker’s mission to succeed he needs to find gold.

Then, a miracle! Parker spots a large flake of gold in the pan.

Parker does a double take as he spies a gold fleck in his pan

“Holy sh**!  First pan, right here…dude we got gold!” Parker says to Rick Ness.

The flake of gold stands out so pretty among the dark dirt

“No f****** way,” says Rick.

The team, Parker, Rick, Karla, and James Levelle, set aside their differences and arguments as the look on in awe.

The team is psyched, and the f-bombs of disbelief and gratitude fly from Rick

The seven Grayling fish that Karla hooked, and the gold that Parker found, will momentarily satisfy their hunger and stir their resolve to forge ahead, despite the bitter cold.

What else will Parker find tonight?

Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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