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Otto heads for hernia surgery and Jane visits new homestead in Alaska: The Last Frontier Exposed

Otto talks about his forthcoming operation on Alaska: The Last Frontier
Otto still has his sense of humor as he heads for surgery in Alaska: The Last Frontier

On this week’s episode of Alaska: The Last Frontier Exposed, Otto is preparing to go for his operation and Atz Lee shows Jane the new homestead.

Otto really regrets putting off getting treatment for his hernia. He waited almost 15 years!

He says if there was a hernia support group he’d tell them, “don’t wait”. He’s worried as all operations carry risk and he tells wife Charlotte that he is trying not to stress.

As he puts it rather romantically to her: “If something went wrong and I died on this…why would I waste the last hour of my life with you stressing out?”

Meanwhile, Atz Lee loves working the backwoods country with his dad but his dream is not shared by Jane. Will he be able to change her opinion on the lifestyle?

Watch Alaska: The Last Frontier Exposed – Killer Repairs at 8pm on Discovery.

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