Alaska: The Last Frontier exclusive — Eivin and Levi ace rock wall climbing

On this week’s Alaska: The Last Frontier, brothers Eivin Kilcher and Levi Kilcher tap into their inner “Free Solo” and tackle a sheer cliff (although they use ropes) to climb it, using helmets too for protection. It’s still a white knuckler of a preview for the upcoming jam-packed Kilcher action. Otto Kilcher is by far

Alaska: The Last Frontier exclusive — Otto and Levi harness the wind

On Alaska: The Last Frontier on the Discovery channel, lots of tinkering and trying to harness the elements will be going down for the Kilcher clan. We have a bird’s eye view of how Otto, the resident engineer, and his son Levi are tackling a project in an exclusive clip. Otto and Levi bring Alaska’s

Exclusive: Alaska: The Last Frontier preview sees Kilcher khaos and killer kitties

On tonight’s episode of Alaska: The Last Frontier, you get a big snapshot of how the Kilcher’s operate, and hint: It’s a chaotic massed effect lovingly referred to as “Kilcher khaos.” In the episode titled Calling All Kilchers, we see the men of the Kilcher clan band together with their get it done mentality as they all