Alaska: The Last Frontier sees Otto frantic to keep Constructor from sinking, exclusive

Alaska: The Last Frontier sees Otto frantic to keep Constructor from sinking, exclusive
Otto is barking orders from the captains cabin on the Constructor on Alaska: The Last Frontier. Pic credit: Discovery

On tonight’s exciting Alaska: The Last Frontier, we see that Otto Kilcher’s barge, dubbed the Constructor, is flailing in a narrow body of water with fast currents, shallows and sand bars. Not good!

Otto is accompanied by his wife Charlotte as he is frantic to keep Constructor from sinking. He has enlisted Atz Lee and his wife Jane Kilcher to man the outboard motor in a bid to get the ship going in one direction.

Meanwhile, August is sent to another boat to try and guide the Constructor into the middle of the water so it does not breach or get stuck and become beached.

With the Constructor practically dead in the water, it’s up to Otto and his crew of family and friends to save the invaluable boat for future use.

As the damaged Constructor navigates the zig-zagging narrow channel, Otto frantically positions his Kilcher crew, of Charlotte, Atz Lee, August, and Jane to keep it from running aground in the swift currents and shifting tides.

“We’ve got a lot of current out here” says Charlotte who probably wishes she and Jane were three Mai Tai’s in at their Tiki bar they made for August’s 21st birthday.

Atz Lee orders August to listen to Otto.

Otto says: “August let Atz Lee and Jane deal with that” as he tells August to get into another boat.

Atz Lee realizes he is in over his head with a motor barely hanging on to the side of the Constructor. He says: “Okay sounds good…” Then calamity as the motor wobbles and Jane panics. “Are you kidding me?”

Otto says: “All [this] is under my own power right now and I’m nervous.”

Knowing that her husband is stressed, Charlotte says: “You’re hoping for that bow thruster?

Gripping the wheel in the cabin, Otto says: “Yeah!”

Trying to be useful and holding on, Atz Lee says: ” I’m just gonna try to fire this [motor] up…just let me know if things are going awry.”

Otto says: “Current is running really fast right now. He then yells at Atz Lee:
“…Hey now you guys gonna get that bow thruster working?”

Looking ahead, Otto says: “How much room [am I] gonna have to the sandbar back here?”

Charlotte says: “Maybe 20 feet.”

This is not good. Otto says: “There’s a lot of current there, it’s gonna send me sideways if I’m not careful.”

Knowing he has a dodgy motor, Atz Lee is now on high alert: “Push me this way… okay push… come on! If this motor goes in the water we are f*****!”

Aggravated now, Otto says: “I don’t know what those guys are doing up there!”

What Otto cannot see is that Atz Lee is hanging on to the outboard motor which is ready to fall off the Constructor. He says: “I can’t hold this much longer…[are we] out of gas? No way!”

Not realizing how bad it is at the front of the barge, Otto is screaming at this point” “Push harder!”

Tune in to see how Otto does on this stretch of water with his floundering barge.

Also on tonight’s episode, Eivin takes inexperienced hunter Levi on “a last chance” hunting expedition to Shuyak Island to gather up and mass out the deer meat for the winter larder.

Alaska: The Last Frontier airing Sunday at 9PM ET/PT

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