Watch as Otto and Eivin make a dangerous attempt to move an entire building on Alaska: The Last Frontier

On tonight’s Alaska: The Last Frontier, Otto Kilcher attempts to have an entire building moved with the help of Eivin Kilcher and some other family members, but the task is fraught with danger.

Resident engineer and tinker extraordinaire Otto Kilcher explains the latest to do item on Alaska: The Last Frontier list.

There is always something that seems to need some attention on this show. After all, if you do it yourself on a homestead, likely you will be the butcher, baker and candlestick maker. Or in tonight’s case, the shed lifter.

Noting the inherent dangers of this fear, Otto explains in great detail what will happen on the latest Alaskan task.

Otto is meticulous in his detail of this task, as he is with most. Pic credit: Discovery
Otto is meticulous in his detail of this task, as he is with most. Pic credit: Discovery

“Our latest idea is to pick this building up by attaching the bridle to the front of the building. Then we will use Eivin’s excavator to pick up the front of the building and pivot it to the left. Once it’s in the position, we are going to tilt the front end up and put dunnage under the center then we’ll teeter the building forward and put dunnage under the rear. And once the shed is high enough we will back the trailer under it and place the Willard shed on top.”

Easy and a piece of cake, right? No. It takes skill and a measured plan of attack.

Elaborating on the things that can go wrong, Otto says: “The most important thing is is that we only move up an inch maybe two at a time very slowly… we’re talking about several thousand pounds and if this thing comes down somebody could die.”

So far so good, as the shed is positioned to be moved. Pic credit: Discovery
So far so good, as the shed is positioned to be moved. Pic credit: Discovery

Working together is par for the course with the Kilcher clan, as a few weeks back, Otto Kilcher and Eivin Kilcher worked feverishly with heavy equipment to reroute a creek towards a blazing fire that was threatening their land.

The spirit of DIY fixes for any situation is strong with the Kilchers, as last week we told you about how Atz Kilcher Sr. built a trestle table from scratch with sons Atz Junior and Shane.

The Kilchers have famous singer Jewel in the clan, the daughter of Atz Sr.  But her brother Atz Junior and his wife Jane are fiercely protective of their privacy and even though they are featured on the popular series, their children, Etienne and Piper, are off-limits to the camera.

Atz’s wife Jane made a note of it on her Facebook page explaining that this was their wish and to ask fans to understand her reasons.

Of note, Jane is one heck of a fisherwoman. In a past episode this season she wrangled a tasty burbot while ice fishing.

She’s pretty active on Facebook and recently posted about negative comments that some people have made online asserting the series is “fake” which she assures the fans Alaska: The Last Frontier is not scripted and certainly not an exercise in fakery:

Make sure to tune in tonight to check on Otto and Eivin’s shed moving progress and make sure they keep to the plan and have no accidents befall anyone while they attempt this maneuver!

Alaska: The Last Frontier airs Sunday at 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery.

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