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Jane Kilcher upcycles a junker into a Santa sled in a Christmas exclusive preview on Alaska: The Last Frontier

Jane Kilcher has mad skills and an eye for re-purposing things on Alaska: The Last Frontier. Pic credit: Discovery
Jane Kilcher has mad skills and an eye for re-purposing things on Alaska: The Last Frontier. Pic credit: Discovery

We have a fun Christmas episode snippet from Alaska: The Last Frontier, airing this Sunday. It shows off the giant genius brain of Jane Kilcher, one of our favorite cast members, who is a hell of a fisherman.

The exclusive sneak peek for Monsters and Critics shows Jane Kilcher brainstorming with her people — brother-in-law Shane Kilcher and his wife Kelli — to create a Christmas sleigh out of a junk car left in a yard.

They use welding equipment to cut off the top of the vehicle and invert it to become a makeshift sleigh for the family to use during the holidays. And it actually works!

In the clip, Jane had a great idea for Christmas. Shane reprises his role as Santa, and together they chop apart a car and make a sleigh out of it, and they came prepared to make this Christmas miracle happen.

And with Shane and Kelli in tow, Jane explains the plan: “Is that red roof calling you? My idea is an awesome idea… where you’re going to take an old beat-up car and make a sleigh out of it, this is the Eureka… it’s perfectly fine.”

The three all agree it will be a delightful and perfectly normal Kilcher Christmas touch.

And together, they know their collective hard work and resourcefulness will ensure that all the Kilchers have a very Merry Christmas, and some fun in the little touches and festive custom ideas they come up with together.

Jane adds: “Merry Christmas! Kind of a workout…My idea is to take the roof off [the station wagon] and turn it upside down and totally make a snow machine.”

Shane and Jane smash out the windows with sledgehammers, and Shane uses an angle grinder to cut the top of the vehicle chassis.

Jane quips: “Christmas just got real!”

Working alongside her, Shane agrees and says: “Let’s do it…Timber!”

Jane loves the progress Shane is making. She says: “Oh Merry Christmas, it’s good!”

Always with a one-liner, Shane says: “We slayed it!”

Surveying her handiwork with Shane and Kelli, Jane says: “I got the hard part done so now we’re just gonna take it to my house, and we’re gonna make it a sleigh. Shane’s so useful so many different ways.”

Cast members Atz Lee and Jane have been married for well over a decade now, and they do not have kids together. The two were each in previous marriages before they found each other, and now their children from those marriages — Etienne and Piper — are a blended family.

Fiercely private, Jane is pretty self-sufficient and rarely, if ever, discusses those past relationships or Piper, and Etienne. Following suit, Atz Lee is also mum about the past. He was once married to Nantia Krisintu, who gave birth to their child, Etienne Kilcher, in 2001.

Also tonight, there’s some drama as the Kilcher’s backcountry winter wonderland is under threat when unseasonably warm weather brings rain to the homestead.

But the Kilchers won’t let a storm ruin their Christmas plans, and they will persevere through the unseasonable curveball and throw a holiday celebration for the entire family.


Alaska: The Last Frontier airs Sundays at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

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