Where is Bonnie Kilcher on Alaska: The Last Frontier – is she still on the show?

Bonnie Kilcher is an upstate New York woman who came west for love, marrying Atz Kilcher. Pic credit: Discovery
Bonnie Kilcher is an upstate New York woman who came west for love, marrying Atz Kilcher. Pic credit: Discovery

Fans of Alaska: The Last Frontier want to know where Bonnie Kilcher is these days, and whether she is still on the show.

We asked Discovery whether Bonnie would be making appearances on this season of Alaska: The Last Frontier and her fans will be happy to know that she is slated to appear.

“Bonnie is still on Alaska: The Last Frontier and is in one or two episodes this season,” Discovery told Monsters & Critics exclusively.

This is great news for fans who like the tell it like it is member of the Kilcher clan, who skis like a pro.

Bonnie describes herself as an “Adirondack-born woods woman loving the Alaskan lifestyle for the past 40 years.
Believer and practitioner of kindness, awareness and breathing.”

The Discovery Channel has followed the lives of the Kilcher family on Alaska: The Last Frontier going on eight seasons now.

They living in Homer, Alaska, a bit off the grid minus the creature comforts of plumbing and heating, or access to a local grocery store. They do it themselves, and fish, farm and hunt.

The family’s late patriarch, Yule Kilcher, came to America from Switzerland during World War II for more opportunities and fell in love with Alaska according to the Discovery Channel website. In 1941, he asked Ruth Weber, his future wife, to join him and together, they had eight children of their own.

Now, eldest son Atz Kicher’s wife Bonnie has captured the attention of many fans, who appreciate her adaptability to this less than conventional lifestyle. Bonnie hails from Saranac Lake in upstate New York and met Atz by chance in Alaska. She has since become one of the clan.

And on this season, the homestead has become more unpredictable than ever thanks to the weather primarily, and with these rapidly changing Alaskan wilderness climate swings a warmer, earlier spring has prematurely melted most of the winter snow, turning the homestead pastureland into a deadly mucky swamp for their cattle.

To help their livestock, Bonnie’s brother-in-law Otto Kilcher will use his well known mechanical genius to get his heavy-duty dozer, a workhorse of a machine with a long history of helping build Alaska, working to clear safer grounds for the cows to graze.

Tune in to catch the episodes where Bonnie makes an appearance.

Alaska: The Last Frontier airs Sunday at 8/7c on Discovery Channel.

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