Alaska: The Last Frontier exclusive — Eivin and Levi ace rock wall climbing

On this week’s Alaska: The Last Frontier, brothers Eivin Kilcher and Levi Kilcher tap into their inner “Free Solo” and tackle a sheer cliff (although they use ropes) to climb it, using helmets too for protection.

It’s still a white knuckler of a preview for the upcoming jam-packed Kilcher action.

Otto Kilcher is by far one of the most inventive cast members of the series. He and his wife Sharon’s two sons Eivin Kilcher and Levi Kilcher have two half-siblings Torrey and August Kilcher.

Eivin Kilcher’s brother Levi Kilcher is more of a newcomer to the show but is featured now frequently helping Eivin and his dad.

Levi Kilcher explains how they rock climb and their precautions. Pic credit: Discovery

Tonight, watch as the two journal their adventure and go on a rock-climbing expedition to secure access for a purpose — to obtain a valuable, new hunting ground for food for the family.

The thrill of the hunt is made more intense as the two really have to work at the access to get to a new place to check out and cover. On Alaska: The Last Frontier, there are no takeout food restaurants or convenience stores, it’s all up to the Kilchers to find food for themselves and sustain their lives in the wilderness.

In the clip, Levi yells to his brother as they check out the rock wall they had placed bolts in years ago.

“Ten years ago my brother and I put a bunch of rock climbing bolts
into the wall and some of those bolts have gotten a bit rusty. We also didn’t get all the way up so we’re here to replace some bolts and get up to the top of this rock face and that’ll put us right up into goat country.”

Levi Kilcher

Eivin is suited up for rock climbing and says, “The experience to come out here with Levi and do something like this because this is what we used to do a lot the memories that we make doing this type of stuff together as brothers [will] last the rest of our lives.”

Levi appears to be pretty pragmatic about this Herculean task which gets harder and harder as the two men go vertical.

He says, “So far going up this route all the bolts that we put in are still in good condition. We’re gonna see how far we get up before we start to run into problems. I know that the next area is definitely the most difficult and dangerous part of this climb.”

Watch the exclusive clip to see how death-defying and utterly athletic a challenge this is for Eivin and Levi who really are risking their lives in this breathtaking footage.

Also tonight, the fall cattle round up takes an electrifying turn when a horse gets tangled up in electric wire.

And Atz Sr. takes Bonnie on an “epic hunting date” which is hard to imagine as a romantic overture, but in the Kilcher’s world, it is likely very sweet.

Alaska: The Last Frontier airs on Sundays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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