Alaska: The Last Frontier exclusive sees Jane fell a tree in a romantic surprise

Jane Kilcher cuts down a tree on Alaska: The Last Frontier
Atz Lee takes Jane for a surprise walk and it is romantic. Pic credit: Discovery

On the next episode of Alaska: The Last Frontier, Jane Kilcher is really celebrated by her husband Atz Lee.

Jane is incredibly handy and competent as an off the grid homesteader and in this exclusive sneak peek, we see just how skilled she really is.

Her hubby Atz Lee puts Jane’s homesteading skills to the test with a wilderness scavenger hunt and she aces it, of course!

Atz and Jane are two of the main cast of Discovery’s reality show and they are pretty private about their family life and children who are never featured.

In the opening of our exclusive clip, Jane rides up on an ATV and says:

“Atz Lee said he had a present for me…which I love presents but I have no idea what Atz Lee has in store for me. He knows I hate surprises but he always does it.”

However, Jane Kilcher, as we have previously reported this season, is one heck of a fisherman and has mad skills in foraging for edible plants and gardening too.

Atz Lee is waiting on her and he says of the surprise, “So it’s something that I know means a lot to her She’s going to love it and I know it’s going to be a huge surprise for her.”

Baring his soul, Atz Lee gives Jane the loveliest speech and says, “This is my way of showing you my love and appreciation while also showing you a little gauntlet to my heart.”

“Okay so this summer you took me around some awesome places from your childhood I would have probably never seen. Those places… if it wasn’t for you.”

“This is my little way of showing my appreciation to you and hopefully by the end of this you’ll also realize how far you’ve come and fall even more madly in love with me. And I’ll have a little present at the end.”

Jane looks bemused a bit and shocked by his sweetness, and jokingly says she hopes that there is an actual surprise for her and that it isn’t just Atz Lee.

On this romantic walkabout with Atz Lee, Jane is tasked with finding the clues to his romantic gesture. She spots a red balloon in a tree and he says she has to fell the tree to find out what is inside the balloon.

The couple together hunt, collect fish and garden while using summer and fall to prepare for the leaner cold winter of Alaska.

Through the show, we have learned a lot about their lifestyle. However, the two do not give away much about their private life, especially about divorce from their previous partners.

Also on tonight’s episode, Otto and August radio Eivin for rescue after facing a white knuckler emergency at sea. Atz Senior must decide between a life lived on the Yuletide and returning back to the comforts of the family homestead.

Alaska: The Last Frontier airs on Sunday at 9/8c on Discovery.

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