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Oscar Wallace on Messiah: Netflix show’s ending explained

Oscar Wallace on Messiah: Netflix show's ending explained
Messiah presents a man claiming to be the second coming of Christ. Pic credit: Hiba Judeh/Netflix

Messiah is the first big series to hit Netflix in 2020 and the ending has many fans confused as to who or what Al-Masih is. However, one character has his own explanation in college professor Oscar Wallace.

Here is a look at the ending of Netflix’s Messiah and what exactly happened, as well as what it could mean for a possible second season.

Cyber-terrorist Oscar Wallace

One of the key suspects investigated in Messiah when it comes to all the strange happenings was Williams College professor Oscar Wallace (Christopher Heyerdahl). He is a cyber-terrorist who wanted nothing more than to upset the status quo in the world.

He also shared a relationship with Al-Masih — the self-proclaimed Messiah from the series.

However, when CIA agent Eva Geller (Michelle Monaghan) questioned him about the incidents to see if he was the man pulling the strings, Wallace refused to take credit.

Instead, Wallace said he is not the one who is dangerous here, hinting at Al-Masih being the true mastermind. He then said he is just willing to follow his Messiah.

Who is Al-Masih — the Messiah or the Antichrist?

The reason so many fans are confused at the ending of Messiah is that it didn’t answer the series’ primary question. Is Al-Masih (Mehdi Dehbi) the second coming of Christ?

There are two significant hints at the end of the season that leads one to believe he is supernatural — but is not Christ.

As with any Messiah, there comes fear, fanaticism, and reactionist thinking. Of course, as with the original coming of Christ, the governments of the world were not willing to accept any being considered above them.

That is why Jesus was crucified.

Mehdi Dehbi as Al-Masih on Messiah
Mehdi Dehbi as Al-Masih on Messiah. Pic credit: Hiba Judeh/Netflix

In this case, we are in the present-day and the governments of the world, from the United States to those abroad, want nothing more than to tear the new Messiah down as people flock to him as a sign of hope.

Eva Geller learns that Al-Masih was born on Earth, just as Jesus Christ was. She also learned his name was Payam Golshiri and spent his youth as a conman. This plays into his current actions, although there is no way a conman could create the tornadoes that appeared in Texas when he saved the child.

It also doesn’t explain his disappearing from a prison cell or his appearing in Texas when he was last seen a short time earlier in the Middle East.

Then, when the U.S. government shoots down a plane that Al-Masih is on with former Mossad agent Aviram Dahan (Tomer Sisley), the Messiah proves he is more than human.

He survives the plane crash and according to a young man named Malik (Amine Zarak), he raised Aviram from the dead. Could this make Al-Masih the second coming of Jesus?

However, the name Al-Masih might give things away.

There is an Antichrist figure in Islam that is called Al-Masih as-Dajjal. This makes it seem like Al-Masih is not Jesus, coming to save the people, but the Antichrist sent to lead them astray.

But what does that mean for the ending of Messiah, Season 1?

Fans better hope there is a second season because there is one more clue.

The Messiah is really here

Al-Masih was not the first person introduced in Netflix’s Messiah. That honor goes to Jibril Medina (Sayyid El Alami).

He lost his mom and ended up becoming someone quite important to the Muslim community. He inspired people and ended up giving a speech at a mosque when his moment of divination happened.

Sayyid El Alami as Jibril Medina on Messiah
Sayyid El Alami as Jibril Medina on Messiah. Pic credit: Hiba Judeh/Netflix

A suicide bomber blew up at the mosque and killed several people. Jibril was right next to it and lived. How did he survive such a terrible and devastating attack?

One moment that sticks out was when Jibril reached out and touched the hand of a corpse. While Messiah did not show anything after that, one wonders if Jibril will echo what happened with Al-Masih and raise someone from the dead.

Jibril’s mother told him that God will reveal his plan when he is ready. While the first season had no real answers, it has set up Jibril as the second coming of Christ and Al-Masih as the Antichrist, and their battle for the world is still to come.

Messiah is currently streaming on Netflix.

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