‘Not today’: Game of Thrones fans give collective response after being asked to work today

'Not today': Game of Thrones fans give collective response after being asked to work today
Jon Snow and Arya Stark believe that, for them, death is “Not Today”. Pic credit: Helen Sloan/HBO

Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones offered fans a huge moment when it was not Jon or Dany or Bran who killed The Night King — but Arya Stark in the first major battle of her life. And she did it with the quote “not today.”

To understand how much this “not today” moment meant to fans, watch the reaction when Arya thrust her dagger into the stomach of The Night King.

When young Arya started training, she was asked what we say to the God of death. The answer is “not today.” She was asked that in this episode as well and once again, her answer was “not today.”

When she leaped toward The Night King, he turned and grabbed her by the neck. He was ready to end the life of the youngest Stark when she suddenly dropped her dagger, caught it with her other hand, and ended the Night King and his army.

Not today.

That made Arya the true hero of Game of Thrones — the least likely one to save the kingdom and the greatest of them all.

Arya also gave hope to everyone who cheered her on as someone who would not die today. The world rejoiced with the term “not today” as the memes on Twitter began to flow in.

Game of Thrones just had one of the biggest moments in television history last night and for fans of the show, Not Today is now a mantra to live by.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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