Hunting Hitler Season 2 premieres Tuesday November 15

Hunting Hitler image
Hunting Hitler Season 2 continues the search for clues about the notorious dictator

Season 2 of History’s investigative show Hunting Hitler starts this month on Tuesday, November 15.

Tonight, the channel is also airing an hour-long look back at the first series: Hunting Hitler: Inside the Investigation.

The series documents investigators efforts to track down Adolf Hitler, amid claims he may have actually survived World War 2 and gone undercover in South Africa after Nazi Germany fell to the Allies.

The rumors were sparked by documents declassified by the FBI two years ago in 2014 which seemed to suggest he may not have died in a bunker after all.

Hunting Hitler Season 1 followed CIA veteran Bob Baer and war crimes investigator John Cencich as they took up the trail of any clues to see if the claims could in fact be true.

Season 2 sees the hunt continue with new experts joining the team and new leads from global intelligence.

Hunting Hitler Season 2 preview

Hunting Hitler kicks off at 10/9c on Tuesday, November 15. Also catch Hunting Hitler: Inside the Investigation tonight at 10/9c on History.

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