Nazi plans to develop nuclear bomb investigated on Hunting Hitler

Plans by the Nazis to develop a nuclear bomb are investigated on this week’s episode of History series Hunting Hitler. The episode sees the team behind the show head to the Vemork Hydroelectric Plant in Norway, from which the Nazis were believed to be planning to use heavy water (deuterium oxide) to develop nuclear arms. The plant

Hunting Hitler preview looks at evidence pointing to Nazi leader’s survival

A preview of the new season of Hunting Hitler airs tonight on History — looking at the evidence gathered so far which points at the Nazi leader having survived the Second World War. CIA veteran Bob Baer and his team of investigators return next Tuesday, January 2, for the third and final season of the History

Hunting Hitler returning for Season 3: Premiere date revealed

Hunting Hitler will return for its third and final season at the start of next year, History has revealed. The show follows a team as they explore the theory that Hitler may have in fact survived World War II and fled to South America following the fall of Nazi Germany. Here’s everything we know so

Hunting Hitler season finale leads to possible Nazi colony at Colonia Dignidad

In the season finale of Hunting Hitler, the trail brings the team to a German community that is supposed to have Nazi associations. They visit Colonia Dignidad in Chile, where Germans were said to be able to go and make a home, but remain anonymous. The team go to the colony to find evidence that Adolf Hitler

Martin Bormann’s daughter found on Hunting Hitler?

On Hunting Hitler this week, the team meet a woman who they think could be the daughter of Hitler’s right-hand man Martin Bormann. The group follow clues from declassified files, one of which says: “Martin Bormann, well known Nazi war criminal, was traveling in Latin America under the name of Keller.” They then meet the

4th Reich search on Hunting Hitler leads to ‘atomic bomb research’ island

On this week’s episode of Hunting Hitler, more research into the Fourth Reich takes the team to a deserted South American island where it looks like some advanced weapons research might have taken place. Still on the trail of the elusive Fourth Reich, the team’s search takes them to a deserted Argentinian island and to a possible

Plans for a Nazi Fourth Reich examined on Hunting Hitler

On this episode of Hunting Hitler – the team uncover what seem to be plans for a Fourth Reich and they check out new escape routes that could have been used. War crimes investigator John Cencic and former-CIA man Bob Baer continue their investigation into Hitler’s possible escape and plans for a 4th Reich. New plans

Secret Nazi tunnels in Spain and Argentina probed on Hunting Hitler

Tonight on Hunting Hitler, the teams explore suspected Nazi tunnels in both southern Spain and northern Argentina which they believe Adolf Hitler may have used after the end of WWII. Last week the show’s team members in South America including Special Forces Sergeant First Class Tim Kennedy followed leads which suggested the dictator and his right-hand man