Hunting Hitler: Did Führer and Martin Bormann flee Berlin together after WWII?

Did Adolf Hitler and his private secretary Martin Bormann flee Berlin together after the end of World War 2? New links on History Channel’s Hunting Hitler tonight point to evidence that Bormann resurfaced in Argentina after the fighting ended. It has always been thought that Bormann, like Hitler, committed suicide in Berlin to avoid being

Hunting Hitler: Göring link as trail leads to Denmark and Nazi compound in Argentina

On the second episode of Hunting Hitler Season 2 tonight, the investigators probe a link to Luftwaffe chief Herman Göring as they investigate a Nazi compound in Argentina. Special Forces Sergeant First Class Tim Kennedy and historian Alasdair Brooks follow clues which lead them to a possible Nazi compound in the South American country. As a local man

Search for the Führer continues on Hunting Hitler Season 2

The search for history’s most notorious dictator continues tonight as Hunting Hitler Season 2 kicks off on History. The show is based on claims that the Führer may not have died in his bunker as thought but instead survived and fled to live under a new identity in South America after Nazi Germany fell to the allies. In

Hunting Hitler Season 2 premieres Tuesday November 15

Season 2 of History’s investigative show Hunting Hitler starts this month on Tuesday, November 15. Tonight, the channel is also airing an hour-long look back at the first series: Hunting Hitler: Inside the Investigation. The series documents investigators efforts to track down Adolf Hitler, amid claims he may have actually survived World War 2 and gone undercover