Hunting Hitler: Göring link as trail leads to Denmark and Nazi compound in Argentina

Hunting Hitler's Tim Kennedy talks to a local man as they probe the compound in Argentina
Tim Kennedy visits the possible Nazi compound in Argentina on this week’s Hunting Hitler

On the second episode of Hunting Hitler Season 2 tonight, the investigators probe a link to Luftwaffe chief Herman Göring as they investigate a Nazi compound in Argentina.

Special Forces Sergeant First Class Tim Kennedy and historian Alasdair Brooks follow clues which lead them to a possible Nazi compound in the South American country.

As a local man shows them around one building he tells them it was often visited by Germans at the end of the war, and used to have Swastikas adorning the walls.

He then tells them they need to speak to a local woman called Adela Göring, who he says is Herman Göring’s great-niece.

Also on this week’s episode of Hunting Hitler, the team follow a trail of clues that leads them to a bunker system in Denmark.

Makeshift runways in Berlin make it appear a possibility that Hitler may have fled Berlin by air at the end of WWII, rather than killing himself by gunshot in his Führerbunker.

And Lenny DePaul, former head of the US Marshall Fugitive Task Force, teams up with historian James Holland as they probe an airstrip and bunker system in Denmark which it’s possible the dictator may have gone to after leaving Germany.

Tonight’s Hunting Hitler Episode 2 follows last week’s season opener as the team probed a possible fifth possible escape route from Hitler’s bunker.

Next week, they look at a document which suggests that the dictator and Belgian Nazi collaborator Leon Degrelle may have then taken a route from Denmark to San Sebastian, on the north-west coast of Spain.

Meanwhile, in South America the team sound out an alleged eye-witness who says his father worked for Hitler’s private secretary Martin Bormann after the war came to a close.

Hunting Hitler continues with Episode 2, The Compound, tonight at 10/9c on History.

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