Hunting Hitler: Did Führer and Martin Bormann flee Berlin together after WWII?

Martin Bormann and Adolf Hitler
Martin Bormann and Adolf Hitler. Could they have fled Berlin together after the war?

Did Adolf Hitler and his private secretary Martin Bormann flee Berlin together after the end of World War 2?

New links on History Channel’s Hunting Hitler tonight point to evidence that Bormann resurfaced in Argentina after the fighting ended.

It has always been thought that Bormann, like Hitler, committed suicide in Berlin to avoid being captured.

But did he and the Führer actually survive and escape the city to live a new undercover life overseas?

Hunting Hitler Season 2 began with the team looking into whether there was a possible fifth exit from the dictator’s bunker, which allowed him to get out of the city and head on a passage out of Europe.

Tonight the team continue their search for clues in Argentina, after investigating a probable Nazi compound there in last week’s episode.

And they meet a man who claims his father was Martin Bormann’s driver.

The team in South America also speak to a relative of Luftwaffe chief Herman Göring after getting a tip-off.

Meanwhile, back in Europe Bob Baer and Dr. John Cencich find a declassified document which appears to suggest that Hitler and Nazi collaborate Leon Degrelle may have travelled from Denmark to San Sebastian on the north-west coast of Spain after WWII ended.

James Holland and Mike Simpson then uncover alleged eyewitnesses, and look into a satellite of the Third Reich and a potential Nazi communications base.

Hunting Hitler airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on History.

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