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Martin Bormann’s daughter found on Hunting Hitler?

Hunting Hitler is investigating whether Hitler fled Berlin after the end of WWII with Martin Bormann

On Hunting Hitler this week, the team meet a woman who they think could be the daughter of Hitler’s right-hand man Martin Bormann.

The group follow clues from declassified files, one of which says: “Martin Bormann, well known Nazi war criminal, was traveling in Latin America under the name of Keller.”

They then meet the daughter of a Juan Keller — who they think could be Bormann’s daughter — as they try to piece together the various strands of evidence they have uncovered.

This week’s episode sees the team head to Osorno, Chile, as well as parts of Paraguay, with the belief that if Bormann was moving around under an assumed identity in the countries, then Adolf Hitler could have been too.

Former Airborne Ranger and Special Forces Operator Mike Simpson, M.D. says: “In all our investigations, we came up with Bormann and Hitler coming up in all the same locations in the right timeframe. If Bormann was here, how close could Adolf Hitler have been?”

The declassified document which reveals the claim about Bormann using Keller as a name
The declassified document which reveals the claim about Bormann using Keller as a name

It’s thought the pair might have fled Berlin together after the end of World War II and headed to South America.

Earlier in the season the Hunting Hitler team met a man who claimed his dad was Bormann’s driver.

The last two weeks have also seen the group investigate possible plans for a Fourth Reich.

Hunting Hitler airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on History.

Julian Cheatle

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