Diving and disaster: New Curse of Oak Island trailer includes more clues for Season 5

Rick Lagina and a diver in The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 trailer
Rick Lagina in the new Curse of Oak Island Season 5 trailer and, inset, the diver

A new trailer for The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 has just dropped — including more big clues about what’s to come in Season 5.

Some of the footage fans will have already seen in the original trailer which we exclusively revealed earlier this month.

However, the new version includes additional footage which was not seen in the first.

What’s new in the latest Curse of Oak Island trailer?

1. There is more footage of a coin — which was originally shown in the first trailer — being found. The new trailer suggests that Marty and Rick Lagina and the team may have picked it up using a hand-held metal detector. Marty is seen examining it in the picture above.

Hands holding a coin
The coin which the team is seen finding in the Curse of Oak Island trailer

2. A new clip shows someone’s hands holding what looks like is possibly an old bone or an old spike of some sort.

Marty holding a spike/bone
The object, which looks like it may be a bone or a spike, being examined

3. The accident that takes place during the season looks more serious than previously thought, with an ambulance arriving on the island to take the casualty away. Oak Island fans know well the ominous prediction that one more person must die looking for treasure before the island gives up its secrets.

The ambulance on the Oak Island causeway
The ambulance racing across the causeway following the accident

4. A diver goes down into the ground this season. None of this was shown in the original trailer, but new footage shows a diver rigged up with torches and cameras being lowered into the ground down a steel shaft.

Diver being lowered down a shaft
The diver being lowered down the shaft wearing a large amount of equipment

The trailer also features new titles over the top, which read: “On this island, coming too close can wake up the curse. This season persistence pays.”

Footage which was already featured in the first trailer includes a conversation between Rick and Marty where Rick says: “I think we’ve found the Money Pit,” to which Marty replies: “I know we’ve found the Money Pit.”

We also again see a chest being opened using a key, and Rick examining a key which he said in the first trailer looked like it was for a “lock within a lock”.

Repeat footage of the accident taking place is also shown, where someone is sent flying by what looks like the force of an out-of-control high-pressure hose. Other members of the crew then rush to his aid as he lies on the ground.

One scene also sees Rick examining the inside of some sort of cave by torchlight. The original trailer also showed a close-up of what looked like a Templar cross etched into a wall.

We told earlier this month how a pirate’s chest and three other keys for other chests surface during the coming season. The Laginas are still on the island completing Season 5, meaning there could still be more discoveries to come than those which are shown in the trailers.

Yesterday we revealed how there is still “non-stop action” on the island, with far more people there than there usually are at this time of year. Local resident Karen Publicover said: “It doesn’t show any sign of stopping.”

Can you spot any more clues? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

The Curse of Oak Island premieres November 7 on History.

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