Netflix releases Ozark Season 4 first look ahead of premiere release

Jason Bateman in Ozark.
Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde in the first look in Season 4 of Ozark. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix has released some exclusive footage of the long-awaited Season 4 of Ozark. The most current season was released on March 27, 2020.

Season 3 of Ozark is considered its best so far, scoring a 98 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The binge-worthy series found its footing with the action-packed season that introduced Ben Davis, played by Tom Pelphrey, in a star-making performance.

In the season, Laura Linney also earned critical praise for her portrayal of Wendy Byrde.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, Netflix announced that Ozark Season 4 would be the final installment in the popular series.

It was rumored to get a 2021 release date; however, fans will have to wait until 2022 to get the premiere.

Watch the Season 4 of Ozark first scene

In the official first look of Ozark Season 4, the season starts where the current finale ended.

In Season 3, cartel attorney Helen Pierce told her boss Navarro that she wanted to take over the Byrde business.

However, Wendy and Marty formulated a plan for the Mexcian cartel boss to see their value by ending the war with his rival, the Laguna cartel.

Marty provided evidence to FBI agent Maya Miller that led to the arrest of Navarro’s rivals. But, after the cartel boss invites Marty, Wendy, and Helen to his son’s baptism in Mexico, he kills Helen in the shocking twist as he promotes Marty and Wendy.

In the first look, Omar Navarro returns to the party while Marty and Wendy are seen cleaning Helen’s blood from them in a bathroom, visibly still shocked by the events that took place.

When does Ozark Season 4 come out?

The fourth season consists of 14 episodes and will be split into two parts. The exclusive first look reveals that both parts will premiere in 2022.

Previous seasons featured ten episodes; therefore, it is unclear how Netflix will split the final season.

Ozark Season 4 plot

The Netflix drama stars Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde; a financial advisor turned money launderer for a Mexican drug cartel.

Byrde gets in too deep after moving his family to the Ozarks in rural Missouri, where he develops a relationship with local criminal Ruth Langmore.

Season 4 of Ozark will continue with the plot as Marty and Wendy will continue to work for Navarro, building his ruthless drug empire.

Ruth Langmore partnered with Darlene Snell, and fans will see how that relationship develops in the upcoming season.

Ozark Season 4 new cast members

All the main cast members who survived Season 3 are expected to return.

According to Deadline, Queen of the South actress Veronica Falcón will portray Camila Elizonndro — sister of Omar Navarro.

The publication reveals that her son Javi Elizonndro played by Alfonso Herrera, is plotting to take over his uncle’s cartel.

Deadline says Camila unlocks her “long-dormant ambition” and becomes a “formidable player” in the cartel.

Ali Stroker will portray Charles-Ann, who is an old friend of Ruth’s mother.

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