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NCIS spoilers: Does McGee survive getting shot by Gibbs?

NCIS Episode
The NCIS cast has been through a lot in Season 18 already. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS spoilers about the fate of Agent McGee have been sought after by fans for a while now.

It all goes back to the NCIS Season 18 premiere, where McGee was trying to stop a plane from taking off at an airport.

During that scene, shots rang out and McGee went down after being hit by three bullets. When the camera panned back, we learned that it was Gibbs that had shot him.

But why did Gibbs shoot McGee? Was there a backstory to what had taken place? Had Gibbs turned? Some answers came out during the night of the winter premiere, but fans were still left with a huge cliffhanger.

In the final moments of the episode called Head of the Snake, the investigation that Gibbs and Fornell had been working on led them to some answers which ended up crossing paths with McGee.

We all learned that Gibbs shot McGee in order to save his life. McGee was trying to get on a plane that was rigged to explode, but he was unaware of it as he tried to track down and save Bishop. McGee was then wheeled off to the hospital. Later, the episode ended with McGee in the hospital as Gibbs visited.

NCIS spoilers: Does McGee survive getting shot?

Doing everything in the past has set up an interesting scenario for the NCIS cast. Nothing that viewers have seen thus far is in the current timeline. Everything has taken place in the past including McGee getting shot.

This enables the show to jump through time jump like with NCIS Season 18, Episode 6.

In regards to McGee, he survived that shooting, even though he may not be on the same page as Gibbs again. Yet.

In the images that have been released for the January 26 episode (called 1mm), McGee (played by Sean Murray) is seen in quite a few of them. One of them even shows him back in the office. This seems to indicate that he is already back on the job.

More news about upcoming NCIS episodes

While Agent McGee has lived and it appears that Sean Murray is sticking around on the NCIS cast, someone else is going to be leaving the show very soon.

One of the primary cast members is leaving the show in three episodes. It will be worked into the story, but there aren’t any plans to replace them right away. So, it seems the team could be missing someone for the rest of Season 18.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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