NCIS promo released for new episode called False Start

The NCIS cast has been through some changes during Season 19. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS returns with a new episode next week after taking a short hiatus to finish out October.

When we last saw the NCIS cast, the team was trying to find its footing after learning that Gibbs was retiring from the job.

It was also during that last episode of NCIS where we learned McGee doesn’t want Gibbs’ job. He is more intent on focusing on his family and not having to escape to Alaska just to find some peace.

And now, it looks like we might be getting some answers about what will happen with Gibbs’ job, especially based on the new TV promo that got released.

NCIS TV promo for Season 19, Episode 6

Below is the new TV promo that is airing for NCIS Season 19. This is for an episode called False Start that might just be the first time that Alden Parker officially steps into the role left open by Gibbs leaving.

NCIS Season 19, Episode 6 will air for the first time on Monday, November 1 at 9/8c on CBS.

The synopsis for the NCIS episode called False Start

Below is the full synopsis that CBS has released for this new episode. It doesn’t give a lot of details.

“NCIS investigates the death of a beloved Navy commander who trained some of the top athletes in the country, on the CBS Original series NCIS.”

More news and notes from the world of NCIS

The introduction of actor Gary Cole in the role of Alden Parker was one that caused a lot of trepidation among NCIS fans, especially when the character was so at odds with Gibbs during his first few episodes.

Now that NCIS fans have learned that McGee doesn’t want to be in charge and that Gibbs is truly gone from the show, it has become easier to watch someone new in the building. It has also helped that the writers set up Parker as someone who was thrust into the job instead of someone forcefully replacing Gibbs.

Hopefully, NCIS fans are willing to give Gary Cole a real shot and that everyone keeps tuning in for new episodes of Season 19. If the ratings stay strong at CBS, it increases not only the chances that NCIS Season 20 will take place but also the possibility of former cast members popping up in surprise returns.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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