NCIS: New Orleans season finale: Who plays NCIS Deputy Director Ezra Van Cleef?

NCIS: New Orleans cast during Season 6 finale of the show. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS: New Orleans season finale is going to feature NCIS Deputy Director Ezra Van Cleef on Sunday night.

Marking the end of Season 6 may end up seeming a tad anticlimactic, especially since this is the same season that saw actor Lucas Black leave the show (he played Agent Christopher Lasalle).

The shift in the NCIS: New Orleans cast was big enough, but production of episodes also had to be halted due to the health situation around the world. It means that the show didn’t get to film all of its current scripts.

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On Sunday, April 19, the NCIS: New Orleans season finale will air at 10/9c on CBS. The final Season 6 episode is called “Predators” and it will include the return of Van Cleef.

Who plays NCIS Deputy Director Ezra Van Cleef?

Actor Richard Thomas returns for what will now be marked as the NCIS: New Orleans Season 6 finale. And his return also projects to bring an impact, as this is one character with a lot of power to hurt the team.

Richard Thomas Looks Back On 'The Waltons' | Studio 10

This is the character who demoted NCIS Special Agent Hannah Khoury (played by Necar Zadegan) and now he is going to become a very important component of the season finale.

Thomas had a lot of notable roles on television before joining the NCIS: Los Angeles cast, including his part as John-Boy Walton on The Waltons. He was also recently seen as Frank Gaad on The Americans.

As for his film roles, Thomas appeared as the older Bill Denbrough in the first film version of Stephen King’s It.

NCIS: New Orleans Season 6 finale

CBS revealed a full synopsis of the NCIS: New Orleans season finale and it reads as follows:

“The team investigates the death of a Naval microbiologist whose hobby as a ‘myth buster’ resulted in his death at the hands of a legendary bayou creature.

Also, Agent Khoury conducts an investigation into previous actions of Deputy Director Van Cleef, who recently demoted her for misguided allegations that she exhibited poor judgment, on NCIS: NEW ORLEANS.”

The episode looks like it should be a good one and it will bring an end to the Season 6 installments.

Following the NCIS: NOLA Season 6 finale, the long summer hiatus for the show begins. We have not received any confirmation about Season 7 getting picked up by CBS yet, but we hope that the great ratings for the NCIS spin-off point toward some good news coming out soon.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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