NCIS: New Orleans recap features Medalion Rahimi and Rebecca Wisocky

Actress Rebecca Wisocky on an episode of NCIS: New Orleans
Actress Rebecca Wisocky on an episode of NCIS: New Orleans. Read our recap below. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS: New Orleans Sheepdogs cast included Medalion Rahimi, Rebecca Wisocky, CCH Pounder, and Scott Bakula. Airing on November 13, this was Season 5 Episode 7, focusing on an explosion taking place in the French Quarter.

To open the episode, drinking buddies were leaving a party when a car came racing around the corner. They got out of the way, just before it crashed. As a Navy man went to try to rescue the driver, a huge explosion went off that instantly killed both of them.

NCIS: New Orleans recap

The ex-girlfriend of the driver immediately becomes a suspect, especially after she is traced to a protest group. Agent Pride (Bakula) knows the leader of that peaceful group and uses his relationship with her to get some answers. That woman’s name is Bernadine Caldwell in the show, and she was played by Rebecca Wisocky.

It turned out that the Caldwell had accidentally killed people during a protest in her past. She was now leading a new group at her university job as a way to deal with her guilt. One of her students wanted to destroy the system, but the Caldwell didn’t want to turn her in for fear authorities would look into her own background. That student was Yasmin Hendricks, played by Medalion Rahimi.

NCIS cast solves the case

The crux of the episode was that four additional bombs were placed around the city and Necar Zadegan, who plays Hannah Khoury, had to do her best to interrogate the suspect. Model and actress Medalion Rahimi played the main villain in the episode, as she tried to use her bombs to make a statement.

Her mentor was played by actress Rebecca Wisocky, who end up getting murdered by Yasmin as she tries to help the NCIS team.

With time running out, Hannah has the idea to fake an explosion of one of the bombs near the NCIS: New Orleans offices. This tricks Yasmin into revealing the locations of the final bombs. It allows the NCIS team enough time to defuse them and save the day.

A secret about Special Agent Hannah Khoury is revealed

As the episode is coming to a close, it is revealed that Special Agent Hannah Khoury has a 10-year-old daughter. That daughter and her father are living in New Orleans and they haven’t seen each other in a while. The final moments show Hannah approaching the house of her daughter, as she sees her dancing inside.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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