NCIS: Los Angeles recap — Team races to save Fatima

This NCIS: Los Angeles recap comes from Season 11, Episode 16. The episode was called Alsiyadun and it aired March 1 on CBS. The crux of the episode was that an operation went wrong overseas that involved Special Agent Fatima Namazi (played by Medalion Rahimi). She ended up being captured. Fatima had been on nine


NCIS: Los Angeles cast ready to debut Offset in exciting new role

The NCIS: Los Angeles cast is going to have some interesting guest-stars appearing in the new episode this Sunday night. Rapper Offset will be one of the guest stars for Season 11, Episode 16, when he appears as an undercover CIA agent. It could be interesting, especially given the fun that LL Cool J posted

Medalion Rahimi: Who was actress playing Yasmin on NCIS: New Orleans?

The NCIS: New Orleans cast was joined by Medalion Rahimi for the November 13 episode of the show. Rahimi played Yasmin Hendricks, a college student who had become the member of a protest group. Yasmin became a focal point of Season 5 Episode 7 when it was discovered that her ex-boyfriend had died in an explosion in the

NCIS: New Orleans recap features Medalion Rahimi and Rebecca Wisocky

The NCIS: New Orleans Sheepdogs cast included Medalion Rahimi, Rebecca Wisocky, CCH Pounder, and Scott Bakula. Airing on November 13, this was Season 5 Episode 7, focusing on an explosion taking place in the French Quarter. To open the episode, drinking buddies were leaving a party when a car came racing around the corner. They got