Medalion Rahimi: Who was actress playing Yasmin on NCIS: New Orleans?

Medalion Rahimi,
Medalion Rahimi, who played Yasmin on NCIS: New Orleans, in a recent Instagram photo. Pic credit: @medalion_r/Instagram

The NCIS: New Orleans cast was joined by Medalion Rahimi for the November 13 episode of the show. Rahimi played Yasmin Hendricks, a college student who had become the member of a protest group.

Yasmin became a focal point of Season 5 Episode 7 when it was discovered that her ex-boyfriend had died in an explosion in the French Quarter. An investigation of the scene found a bomb in the vehicle he had been driving.

For most of the episode, Yasmin was in the custody of the NCIS: New Orleans team, allowing Rahimi to show off her acting chops. The actress was really good in the role of a protestor who wanted to “take down the system”.

Who is actress Medalion Rahimi from NCIS: New Orleans?

Before becoming an actress, Medalion Rahimi was a successful model. She got her start at the young age of four. She has guest-starred on shows like New Girl, Jane the Virgin, and Criminal Minds over the years. She also had an appearance as an admirals daughter during a 2014 episode of NCIS.

Recently, Medalion Rahimi has been most-recognized as Princess Isabella on Still Star-Crossed, as Wren on My Dead Ex, and in the movie, Before I Fall, as Elody. Her stint as a member of the NCIS: New Orleans cast, even for just this one episode, is certainly something that could land her more roles in the future.

Rahimi did very well in the role of a home-grown terrorist, especially since the NCIS team was unable to really break her character until the very end of the episode.

This might even be a character that the writers of the show could explore bringing back at a later date, as she could be a dangerous foe for the main characters to deal with.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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