NCIS: Los Angeles cast ready to debut Offset in exciting new role

Offset NCIS
Rapper Offset guest-starring on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11, Episode 16. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS: Los Angeles cast is going to have some interesting guest-stars appearing in the new episode this Sunday night.

Rapper Offset will be one of the guest stars for Season 11, Episode 16, when he appears as an undercover CIA agent. It could be interesting, especially given the fun that LL Cool J posted on social media about them having together on set.

This will also continue the trend of supporting characters being added to the NCIS: Los Angeles cast for the back end of Season 11.

In the last episode, Bar Paly reappeared as Anna Kolcheck, revealing a dramatic plot point that also spelled the return of Darius Reznikov Comescu. In the closing moments, we learned that Anna was sticking around in the apartment of Callen (Chris O’Donnell).

NCIS: Los Angeles cast for Alsiyadun

The new episode for Sunday, March 1 is called Alsiyadum. This is the 16th one for Season 11 and it will revolve around Special Agent Fatima Namazi (played by Medalion Rahimi) getting captured on a mission.

According to CBS, Callen and Sam will enlist a deep undercover CIA agent, Kadri (guest star Kiari “Offset” Cephus), to help get her back.

Offset hasn’t done a lot of acting before, but it will be fun to see what he can do in this new role. He is best known for his musical career, though, as a member of the hip hop and trap music trio, Migos.

The return of Special Agent Fatima Namazi

Actress Medalion Rahimi has been seen on nine prior episodes of NCIS: L.A. as Fatima. It has been revealed that she is going to be a recurring player as the rest of the season plays out on CBS.

The storyline for Sunday night appears to be an exciting one, setting the stage to show what Fatima can really do for the team and putting Rahimi in an interesting spot to show what she can do as an actress.

Before she joined the NCIS: L.A. cast, Rahimi also appeared on an episode of NCIS: New Orleans. And before that, she played Wren on My Dead Ex and Princess Isabella on Still Star-Crossed.

Now, she is back to star on the show, but first, she needs to be saved from the bag guys by Sam, Callen, and the new CIA agent played by Offset.

Can Offset save the day? The video below shares some behind-the-scenes footage of him getting ready for his CBS debut.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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