Nancy Drew Recap: Family Matters

Maddison Jaizani as Bess, Leah Lewis as George, Alex Saxon as Ace, Tunji Kasim as Nick and Kennedy McMann as Nancy in Nancy Drew. Pic credit: Kailey Schwerman/The CW

Last night’s Nancy Drew gifted us with an episode that was equal parts heartwarming, stressful and funny as hell.

Following last week’s premiere, The Reunion of Lost Souls introduced us to Millie Nickerson – Nick’s mom – who turned out to be an awesome human being who just wanted to make sure her little boy was safe.

So in the middle of trying to find a way to get rid of the Aglaeca’s mortal curse, with a not so friendly ghost haunting him rather violently, Nick also has to deal with his mother’s surprise visit to Maine, and outing his relationship with George to the world.

Poor guy had a rough day, I can tell you that.

Momma dearest

Because no one on Nancy Drew ever gets a break, last night’s episode was Nick’s turn to deal with family issues. His mother, Millie, showed up in Horseshoe Bay out of the blue, determined to make her boy go back home with her to Florida.

And of course, all of this happens when they’re in the middle of following a lead in the Aglaeca situation. Then – because why not add even more to his plate – a ghost starts to haunt him in a very violent way, breaking glass and mirrors everywhere, and leaving terrible bruises on Nick’s skin.

But this entire situation served for us to get a closer look at Nick’s life and backstory, understand what keeps him in Maine, and how strongly George feels about him.

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t thrilled when they started flirting and then eventually got together, but I really like their dynamic. I especially love what their relationship is doing for George.

So Momma Nickerson’s visit was just as important to George as it was to Nick. Because it allowed George to express her feelings in a way we had never seen her do before. We got to see her being vulnerable and more open, and that was just fantastic to watch.

The fact that George was the one who went after Momma Nickerson after she and Nick had a fight speaks volumes about her feelings for Nick, and just who she is as an awesome human being. She may be vicious and foul-mouthed, but underneath all that tough exterior, there’s a soft, loving heart. And that was wonderful to see.

Also, I’m just glad that Nancy knows now about George and Nick. The fact that they were hiding this from her was getting old, and it just didn’t sit right with me. In the end, this worked out for the best and also encouraged Nancy to go “see” Carson. At least it was a step in the right direction.

The Reunion of Lost Souls

Feeling a bit lost after finding a sea shanty inside that mirror last week, the Drew crew enlists Hannah Gruen’s help and knowledge about Horseshoe Bay history. So their current theory is that if they figure out what the Aglaeca’s unfinished business is and help her deal with that, they’ll be off the hook for her mortal curse.

So Hannah finds a record of an old sailor’s song about the Aglaeca. That song is an account of how she died and was only recorded once. The Historical Society had that record until someone took it out on a loan in 1975 and never returned it. The only information about whoever took it out was that it was someone named Mac and an address.

The address turns out to be a bar, and Mac turns out to be dead. Slowly, they figure out not only that Mac is the ghost haunting Nick, but also that he summoned the Aglaeca with his buddies back in 1975 and paid the price with his life. They all did. And what’s more, his buddies are all ghosts we have seen before, like Rita who showed up at The Claw a while back.

Now they’re officially terrified that this is going to be their fate, so Nancy and her friends make it their mission to find this record that Mac took out on a loan from the Historical Society before he died.

In the course of this investigation, they figure out why Mac decided to haunt Nick. He was a problematic dude and his only friend was a guy named Buddy, who used to be the bartender at the bar Mac used to go to. Buddy was black, so that’s the only dumb reason Mac decided to torment Nick.

Eventually, they figure out that Buddy hid the record in the bar inside the juke box. But Mac gets increasingly violent towards Nick, to the point of nearly killing him. Luckily, Nancy manages to get the record and play it just in time to save Nick. The song about the Aglaeca makes Mac and his ghost buddies all disappear, much to our relief.

Later, when they’re analyzing the song, Ace finds that there’s a second recording hidden in that track – a woman, singing in French. History told that the Aglaeca was supposedly Captain Marvin’s wife when she was alive.

She was a wealthy heiress from France and had a whirlwind romance with Marvin. They got married onboard the ship, but she died of consumption (aka tuberculosis) before they reached land.

However, the hidden recording in French tells an entirely different story:

“Hear the truth: I was no man’s wife
they stole my fortune and took my life.
My chaperone betrayed me,
the captain moved against me.
Now you ask of me
but do not pay my toll.
So seven days later
I’ll come for your soul.
Sending omens beyond your wildest fear,
finally this song,
the last you’ll ever hear.”

That does not bode well for our crew, does it? According to Nancy, they only have three days left.

Buckle up, Drewds. It’s going to get wild.

Other highlights of Nancy Drew

  • Ace is the sweetest puppy that has ever lived in this show. The way he decided to go hear Carson out, helped him get settled in his new place, and then talked to Nancy was nothing short of incredible, and I love him very, very much.
  • Have I mentioned how much I love Nick’s mom?
  • I’m still getting shippy vibes between Nancy and Detective Tamura. Am I alone in this?

Nancy Drew airs on Wednesdays at 9/8C on The CW.

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