Nancy Drew Recap: The end of the Aglaeca?

Last night’s Nancy Drew was a one-two emotional sucker punch. I am still reeling from all the emotional whiplash that “The Drowned Woman” made us go through. Picking up pretty much immediately where we left off last week, Nancy and her crew have renewed hope on defeating the Aglaeca. With only 24 hours left to


Nancy Drew Recap: A centuries-old lie revealed

Last night’s Nancy Drew felt a lot like the calm before the storm. If you could ever call an episode of Nancy Drew “calm”, that is. The Fate of the Buried Treasure showed us that our heroes are running out of time. Our favorite mystery-solving crew only has 46 hours left before the Aglaeca comes


Nancy Drew Recap: Family Matters

Last night’s Nancy Drew gifted us with an episode that was equal parts heartwarming, stressful and funny as hell. Following last week’s premiere, The Reunion of Lost Souls introduced us to Millie Nickerson – Nick’s mom – who turned out to be an awesome human being who just wanted to make sure her little boy


Nancy Drew Season 2 premiere recap: Facing the monster under the bed

Nancy Drew and her crew returned last night with a premiere scary enough to chase away our sleep. “The Search for the Midnight Wraith” picked up right where we left off in the season one finale. Nancy is still reeling from the plethora of plot twists that happened in her life in an incredibly short


Nancy Drew Season 2 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out?

Nancy Drew is a mystery series on The CW based on the classic young adult mystery novels by Edward Stratemeyer. The series, which launched in 2019, took the idea of the teenage detective and added a mix of supernatural to it. It proved to be a big hit on The CW and picked up a