Mystery grows as new Curse of Oak Island Season 5 trailer reveals cryptic historical letter

Jack Begley on The Curse of Oak Island Season 5
Jack Begley appears to confirm a find from the 1600s in the new Curse of Oak Island trailer

The mystery around exactly what’s found on The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 continues to grow just days before the premiere — with a new trailer revealing a cryptic historical letter.

The trailer includes several never-seen-before pieces of footage, including Rick Lagina being handed an item found during a dig. The mystery letter then appears after a shot of Marty Lagina’s son Alex walking into a room with a chest.

A close-up of the letter shows that it mentions Philadelphia and a “return to Baltimore” as well as a “bond” and a sum of money. The letter appears to have been written by someone called Robert, and also appears to mention a “James”.

A historical letter on the Curse of Oak Island Season 5 trailer
The historical letter shown in the new Curse of Oak Island Season 5 trailer

Meanwhile, separate footage shows the Laginas’ nephew Peter Fornetti and metal-detecting expert Gary Drayton searching for something in a wooded area, and hands digging around in dirt before someone is shown holding what looks like a coin.

In an interview with producers, Jack Begley then drops a massive hint about a confirmed historical find to come this season, saying with confidence: “Someone was here in the 1600s.” The scene then cuts to a pirate’s flag and footage of the Spanish “maravedi” coin from 1652 which the team found in Season 1.

In a voiceover at the start of the trailer, Rick is heard saying: “This island is all about the what-ifs and the possibilities.” He adds: “You have to follow every lead.”

Alex Lagina is also heard saying in a voiceover as he carries the chest into the room: “What we’re hoping for is any evidence of treasure.”

One scene shows a camera being lowered into a shaft. We have also seen from previous trailers that a diver gets lowered down one too this season. While looking at a monitor, Rick says: “Something’s down there.” He adds: “We’re not giving up.”

Separate footage also sees the group looking at some sort of curved object on a screen, with Rick saying in a voiceover: “Human beings put that there.”

We told yesterday how new episode descriptions reveal some of what’s to come in the first two episodes of Season 5. The first description mentions “peril” striking during a dive, a tragic loss — thought to relate to the tragic death of Craig Tester’s son Drake earlier this year — and the “most ambitious engineering operation” the island has ever seen.

The second episode description says “evidence of pirates on Oak Island mounts after a treasure chest from the 1700s is found” and that there is “stunning news” about a find from the Money Pit for Rick and Marty.

Previous trailers have shown what looks like a coin estimated to be from the 1600s being found, and all the trailers show Marty suggesting the team find the original Money Pit this season.

We have also seen some sort of spike or bone discovered, as well as a mystery stone fragment. The team also face at least one near-miss this season after footage showed someone appearing to be blasted with an out-of-control high-pressure hose and an ambulance arriving on the island.

The Curse of Oak Island returns to History on November 7 at 9/8c. 

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