My Husband Won’t Fit on Netflix: Here is what the Japanese drama’s plot is about, plus trailer

Natsumi Ishibashi as Kumiko, and Aoi Nakamura as Kenichi
My Husband Won’t Fit premiered on Netflix on March 20, 2019. Pic credit: Netflix

My Husband Won’t Fit is a Japanese drama series that launched on Netflix on March 20, 2019. Given the suggestive title of the Netflix original series, many have been wondering it is about.

To satisfy your curiosity, we give you the lowdown on Netflix’s new Japanese drama.

How many episodes are there in My Husband Won’t Fit?

The series consists of 10 episodes. The first episode of the series is 45 minutes long, while the second episode – the longest in length for the entire series — is 47 minutes long.

Subsequent episodes are shorter — mostly 28 to 33 minutes in length (Episode 9 in 43 minutes).

My Husband Won’t Fit plot: What the show is about

My Husband Won’t Fit tells the story of Kumiko (Natsumi Ishibashi), a shy girl who leaves the boondocks to attend a university where she meets Kenichi (Aoi Nakamura).

The two become romantically involved, but their first attempt at lovemaking proves to be a frustrating experience because Kumiko suffers from an unusually severe case of a relatively rare condition called vaginismus.

Vaginismus is due to involuntary spasms or contractions of the muscles of the vaginal wall which make penetration difficult, and in some cases — such as Kumiko’s — actually impossible.

In other words, Kumiko’s partner won’t fit — not because he is oversized or that he suffers from erectile dysfunction, but because Kumiko’s vaginal muscles won’t relax enough to accommodate her husband.

Despite the issue of their physical incompatibility, Kumiko and Kenichi get married and work as teachers.

They have a difficult and tense relationship as a result of these issues. Their fragile marriage hovers constantly on the brink of collapse, but they struggle to make it work.

The tension between the two sparks some of the more dramatic moments in the show, exploring the importance of sex and conception in a marriage relationship.

Kenichi finally suggests that they use other methods to get Kumiko pregnant. They see a specialist, but when Kenichi learns more about Kumiko’s past, he changes his mind.

They finally decide not to have children, but their parents raise issues.

My Husband Won’t Fit: What the show is NOT about

The provocative title of the series is its main hook. The series’ original title left nothing to the viewer’s imagination about what exactly won’t fit what.

Viewers who tune in to the series hoping to see a salacious NSFW drama series will likely be disappointed. My Husband Won’t Fit has very few scenes showing the couple unsuccessfully attempting to have sex.

Overall, the series does not try to be sexy or engage viewers’ attention by pandering to their prurience (as the title appears to suggest).

Although the show can’t help being funny at times due to the shy awkwardness between the couple (at least from the perspective of Western viewers), it clearly does not aspire to be a comedy.

On the contrary, My Husband Won’t Fit is a somewhat trudging but down-to-earth portrayal of a couple struggling to overcome the challenge of being unable to consummate their marriage due to an unusual form of physical incompatibility.

The mood of the series is pensive and the treatment of the subject is serious, almost to the point of being clinical. But the drama and romance of the series are saved in many instances by Kumiko’s shy cuteness.

According to Netflix, the essentials of Kumiko and Kenichi’s story are familiar to a significant section of its primary Japanese audience. It is an old story that originated in a biography but was subsequently retold in various media, including manga.

My Husband Won’t Fit is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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Cari Hughes
Cari Hughes
7 months ago

Don’t understand how she would tense up around her before boyfriend then husband and gave her virginity to someone she didn’t even care to know,she opened up to him and after marriage to all those other men???? One even penetrated her harder,I really don’t understand the plot of the series and what is being conveyed.???